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Chase the man hit the armored car shot and killed the guards shot left right three questions – Beijing recently, an accompanying video news in the online heat transfer: October 27th, Guangdong Dongguan street has an amazing scene, a man holding a brick smashed after an armored car guards on the alert. Invalid after the shooting, the man died on the spot. This murder caused widespread concern, the majority of users and a deadly gun guards shot is reasonable, in the end to escort the circumstances under which the problem of fire, armored car and other vehicles or pedestrians traffic accidents such as how to deal with, a fierce discussion. Yangzi Evening News reporter on the public a number of common concern, interviewed the authorities. Yangzi Evening News reporter Chen Dichen Guo Yipeng Yu Yingjie all media he shot to hit the streets after brick YunChaoChe, was shot on October 27th in Guangdong province supercargo, Dongguan Wusha Ring Road, along with a gunshot, a Jiangxi man was lying on the ground, 120 ambulance arrived at the scene, announced the rescue invalid death. Soon, Dongguan town of Changan city government informed of the matter: the day at 12 noon 06 PM, 110 received the alarm, usha community Changan town a Yakuan car by a man with a stone, cement blocks smashed the glass. After receiving the report, police station and police quickly arrived at the scene disposal usha. It is understood that Yakuan car executive escort mission through three road near the intersection of Sha Xing, the man Hwang (Jiangxi people) with bricks and cement blocks hit the object tracking vehicle, causing the vehicle glass breakage. The car guards repeatedly discouraged invalid, shot lead to the injured. Huang arrived at the scene after 120 invalid death. In the evening, the company securicar Dongguan Junan escort escort vehicle Co. Ltd. said in the implementation of their tasks, encountered a man on the right side of the vehicle glass pounding. See this case, the driver immediately to the police escort vehicle in front of a room, but the man has been close to the escort vehicle and took the bricks chased for smashed cars, the driver cannot safely and quickly leave the. Soon, the right side of the vehicle was severely cracked glass, the car security staff had to open the window to shoot a loud warning to the man, asked to stop the attack on the vehicle, another guard immediately alarm. However, the man has been ignored, continuing to hit the window, escort personnel and property safety escort is under serious threat. In repeated warnings, the situation is very critical, the use of anti riot gun guards (rubber bullets) fired warning shots, the man shot down. The next day, Dongguan Changan town government official micro-blog released a bulletin: after the incident, the public security organs have been involved to escort Liang Mouming (male, 30 years old) to initiate an investigation, the relevant circumstances will be found in a timely manner to the public. The reporter did not ride and dead – armored car scratch occurs after the murder, there is news that killed the man Hwang because cycling and armored car scratch, hit on the other side of the chase. Later, Guangdong local media reporter visited 20 shops near the scene dozens of witnesses, and view the surveillance video, confirmed that the yellow hair did not take any something such as motorcycles, motorcycle or hand.相关的主题文章:

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