Changsha City, Zhuzhou City, 3 built-up areas to be designated as a high polluting fuel combustion z queer as folk

Changzhutan 3 city built district to be designated as the ban on high polluting fuel combustion zone of the original title: perfecting the legislation to strengthen the prevention and control of atmospheric pollution and high pollution fuel and vehicle exhaust pollution prevention to refine the September 29th Hunan daily news this afternoon, the twelve session of the twenty-fifth meeting of the NPC Standing Committee on the "Hunan province atmospheric pollution prevention regulations (draft · the two review draft)". The two review of the coal and other high polluting fuels and motor vehicle exhaust pollution control and other aspects of refinement. Changzhutan 3 city built district to be designated as ban high polluting fuel combustion zone members of the provincial people’s Congress, the provincial people’s Congress Law Committee Song Kaichu introduced two draft the related content of total coal consumption control system in our province, and requested the provincial people’s government development and reform department should be in conjunction with relevant departments to formulate the total amount of coal in the long-term consumption control target, determine the total coal consumption control scheme and implementation steps, gradually reduce the coal in the proportion of primary energy consumption. At the same time, taking into account the Changsha Zhuzhou Xiangtan is a national regional air pollution control key, and the construction of two oriented society comprehensive reform pilot area, the two draft also stipulates that in the city people’s government should establish and publish the ban on high polluting fuel combustion zone, intended to clear the Changsha City and Zhuzhou City, urban built-up area of Xiangtan City, general should be designated as ban high polluting fuel combustion zone. To strictly implement vehicle emission inspection system, the province did not reach the emission standards of motor vehicles in use should not be transferred to the province of motor vehicles increased rapidly, exhaust emissions have become a main source of air pollution. In order to strengthen the vehicle exhaust pollution prevention and control, the two draft clear strict implementation of vehicle emission inspection system, the province transferred to the system, the fuel control system etc. the number of motor vehicles for motor vehicle. The two draft of the proposed regulations, without regular emission inspection or inspection unqualified vehicles shall not issue the safety inspection mark; state people’s Government of the city, autonomous districts based on the administrative regional atmospheric environmental quality and vehicle emission pollution, prohibitions or restrictions on high emission vehicles in the region and time period and, to the public. According to the province in the use of motor vehicles into the problem, the two draft proposed, the province transferred the registration of motor vehicles, the motor vehicle shall comply with the implementation of air pollutant emission standards. The province has not reached the implementation of motor vehicle emission standards of air pollutants outside the registration of motor vehicles in use for the transfer of registration shall be the public security traffic management department. In addition, the two draft intends to set up a clear area of the city, autonomous prefecture can be based on the local fuel vehicle ownership and the quality of the air environment and other factors, the implementation of the administrative region of the number of motor vehicles regulation. The air quality nonattainment area government will be responsible for the interviews, interviews to the public in order to strengthen supervision and management of the prevention and control of atmospheric pollution, improve the responsibility consciousness of the government and its departments, the two draft proposed regulations, for failure to complete the atmospheric environmental quality state and province issued improvement targets or exceed key air pollutant emission control targets the area, the provincial people’s government department in charge of environmental protection shall be mainly responsible for jointly with relevant departments interviewed in the local people’s government. Interviews can invite the media and the public)相关的主题文章:

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