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Pushing the central China Normal University teaching information can be shared in Hong Kong and Taiwan Universities and open Courses – Beijing, Beijing, Wuhan, October 9, (Ai Qiping Dang Botao) Huazhong Normal University was held on 9 teaching reform achievement and the second teaching Festival press conference, announced the results of the school teaching reform. It is reported that, according to the "complementary and sharing" principle, the introduction of National Teacher Education Network Alliance, Eastern University Alliance, Hong Kong and Taiwan and other open sharing courses, joint construction and use of multiple shared teaching resources. Huazhong Normal University Affairs Office Deputy Director Cao Yang said that the real time video teaching the school has successfully received the Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan Zhongyuan University, Hongkong Institute of education, students can log in each school’s online learning platform for online learning under the guidance of teachers. At the same time, in the mid semester invited speaker teachers give students face to face, to achieve a unified remote video teaching, online learning and face-to-face. Up to now, Huazhong Normal University 870 professional required courses, has basically completed the construction of digital curriculum resources and put into use in the school cloud platform. At the same time, the school to build a network, mixed and other new classroom. The number of new classroom has increased year by year, the first semester of 2013 opened 66 classroom and mixed network classroom, the first half of this year, this figure becomes 392; the number of students from the initial 3500 passengers increased to more than 30 thousand passengers. Huazhong Normal University is a national pilot college of information technology. The school from the strategic positioning, through information and internationalization of the two wings, to promote the school characteristics, the construction of high-level university. Vice president of Huazhong Normal University professor Peng Nansheng said that in 2013, the school has revised the undergraduate training scheme, to optimize the curriculum system, strict control of credit, promote research teaching, strengthen the practical ability and promote the "two integration" as the basic principles, put forward the training goal of digital teachers ", and strive to achieve the task of teaching reform of" four change ", namely teaching from concept to teach the main change, teaching contents to learn from professional education to general education and professional education, teaching space from the combination of changes in the classroom as the main to the combination of inside and outside class change, teaching evaluation from evaluation results mainly to the results and evaluation of process. The second Huazhong Normal University teaching Festival is scheduled for October 10th to 21 August, the depth of integration, application development, promote the construction of teaching informationization as the theme, will be carried out under the background of informatization teaching reform achievements, the eleventh East Asia International Symposium on Teacher Education "and" Internet plus education forum "and" educational reform forum "a series of information under the environment of education and teaching reform of communication and discussion and demonstration. (end)相关的主题文章:

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