Castle Peak early on a wrong bus driver lost her daughter because of enthusiastic help-tsumori chisato

Castle Peak early on a wrong bus driver lost her daughter because of enthusiasm to help the day before yesterday, a mother and daughter on the wrong bus because the bus driver and separated, thanks to the enthusiastic help to reunite. November 1st is the exam period pupils in Hongqiao District days, more than 7 o’clock in the morning, Ms. Zhang took his 9 year old daughter came out, dingzigu thirteen bus station, when the morning peak hours to drive to the station, Ms. Zhang looked at the 800 road is about to stop, I took two bus card, the daughter said: "you are a mother, a car, so you won’t lose time." Ms. Zhang said, turn carrying trolley bags daughter of the 800 on the road, but the car did not find her figure, she hurried out of the car, but found the car was not the daughter, Ms. Zhang anxious, in the crowd kept calling for her daughter, daughter where? On the other vehicles? Have been taken away by the bad guys? Want to call the police? Or to inform the family? Or go to school? The more I think about the brain, the more numerous ways to keep flashing in the brain, but I do not know which one is the most feasible, the only thing she can do is to ask passers-by around the station to see if someone saw her daughter. On the other side, the bus driver Wang Daxin driving the 34 bus, a little girl in the car after the vehicle is started and found no mother, immediately started crying, well intentioned passengers have to help out, shouted a few times to confirm the child’s mother is not in the car, the car at the moment has arrived at the next station, a man of fifty or sixty the girl would pull off: "go, I take you to see your mom!" The girl obediently followed him to get off, the driver Wang Daxin a pull to the side of the girl: "master, you have to get off their own, do not take the child away, she lost in my car, I will help her to contact the family." The girl was crying incessantly, Wang Daxin comfort: "do not cry ah, you are not lost in the uncle side." "I’m going to take the mid-term exam today." The girl cried and said. "Do you know your mother’s phone?" "Know!" The girl rattle off her mobile phone number, Wang Daxin immediately dialed the phone, Ms. Zhang learned that in the vicinity, explain the circumstances, passengers are very complex to wait for the arrival of the girl’s mother, Ms. Zhang soon came to see her daughter, after a new king hold master’s hand: "thank you! Thank you so much!" Tears in the face of Ms. Zhang wanton flow. Wang Daxin hurried to comfort: "what also don’t say, children have lost it. Take the kids to school. Don’t be late for the exam!" Finished, the king quickly returned to the car to continue operating. [reporter correspondent Gao Jing Xing Shan]相关的主题文章:

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