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[03] Guangdong taste lunch video map, Guangdong, Guangdong taste true video scent is really on the menu: white onion pork liver soup with medlar yam white onion fried minced meat boiled broccoli + clear white onion broccoli meatmaterial: pork, white onion, broccoli Chaozhou head, pepper, soy sauce, cornstarch. Production: 1, pork slice; 2, white onion slices, the broccoli head peeled, then cut into thin slices; 3, heat a wok, add pork, stir slowly incense; 4, add the white onion and broccoli pieces fry, add a little water and simmer, seasoning, and finally to tongue sauce. Tips: red onion is fragrant, white onion is sweet; broccoli head crisp. Medlar liver soup material: Chinese wolfberry leaf, pork, ginger, pepper, cornstarch, salt. Production: 1, liver slices, add pepper powder, flour, soy sauce and salt. Mix well; 2, Chinese wolfberry leaves washed, sliced ginger; 3, boiling water, add medlar leaves boiling; 4, add the liver and ginger cooked, good taste can be adjusted. White turnip fried minced meat boiled broccoli onion cleaning materials: white onion, turnip, minced pork, flour, soy sauce, pepper, broccoli. Production: 1, white onion cut grain; 2, turnip peeled washed, cut into pieces and cut into strips, then cut into grains; 3, at the end of pork into starch, soy sauce and pepper; 4, pan fried pig meat, add onion and turnip fry, a good taste can be adjusted. 5, will cut the broccoli into small pieces; 6, cooking oil and salt into the boiling water, then add cooked boiled broccoli. Guangdong taste from lunch because just moved the office for lunch is extremely troubling, eating is a big event in life. So in the office of the kitchen, with our Cantonese lunch". With the most simple and most efficient method of cooking stove. To build the "canteen workers" to enjoy healthy food every day. Healthy eating, camp sharing. This is a simple idea of "Cantonese taste true".相关的主题文章:

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