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Camera 360 push whitening filter SDK full frame rate by reflecting off live user blitz – Sohu technology scoop November 15th news: since the media in the network economy and red tide has entered the peak period of the moment, how can the visual image transmission delicate to the audience will undoubtedly become the primary problem of broadcast platform. Aiming at the practical application of software live whitening skin effect is not controllable, skin effect is not natural status. Do in-depth research on the details of more technical details and so on 360 dimensions of the camera frame rate, machine compatibility, bokeh, ruddy complexion, Gao Guang and dark, launched in the near future for the whole industry whitening filter SDK broadcast frame rate. And has been used for live broadcast platform, loved by users. Whitening filter SDK bright spots from the full frame rate camera 360 launch, the natural effect. Provide users with natural skin, deep skin, ruddy skin and other skin effect in different degree of filters can be selected, the user can be adjusted according to the actual need to. The exclusive reservation algorithm, shadow detail in high intensity whitening, only brighten skin, dark and not as well as skin brightening, whitening skin processing algorithm part, makes the skin look more natural. Support for real-time background virtualization, weakening the noisy environment and cluttered background, highlighting the anchor position. In addition, the camera 360 for broadcast platform provides great compatibility, the processing engine supports all camera 360 level Bestie filter. At the same time according to the broadcast platform, optimized for special treatment, ensure the machine frame rate and frame rate consistent framing. At present, the camera has 360 in more than and 200 countries and regions worldwide has more than 700 million users, as the world’s leading mobile video service providers, camera 360 in skin whitening technology has accumulated rich experience. The launch of the full frame rate whitening filter SDK, caused a number of broadcast platform attention. Ying Ke broadcast platform has been provided in the software inside the camera 360 whitening filter function, the user experience good feedback. Camera 360 also hope that the full frame rate whitening filter SDK finally launched after fusion can promote the two advantage of technology, the advantages of technology in whitening skin by themselves, to provide a more intimate user experience for broadcast industry. [source: Francisco] [] commissioning editor: Zhang Yanping相关的主题文章:

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