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Cai Zhizhong: I was enlightened master all know where to go Cai Zhizhong [original title] Cai Zhizhong: I was enlightened master all know where to go is not the destination, Cai Zhizhong will know where to go. A country boy is interested in leaving home, a repeater to grow in all aspects of the mind, a caricature of self accumulation and workers thought of change, Cai Zhizhong does not have beautiful education experience, there is no relationship between the network of economic support and the strong dense. At the age of fifteen in Taipei alone at the age of twenty, enlisted soldier, a self forward, unyielding personality, do not accept for themselves the most comfortable way of life. His life is a dream, and then realize the dream. "My talents ten times worse than the comic, I was an enlightened master." Digital life to chat with Cai Zhizhong, found his expression is very interesting, the eyelid is very prominent, the eyes are always clinging to stare at you, mouth talking a little big, seemingly casual, actually understand, he would have predicted the development direction of dialogue, both asked what types of problems, he you can freely and don’t hesitate to his own channel, but also through the calculation of similar date of birth and other mathematical problems to increase the fun, for the poor mathematics interlocutor, was a serious blow to the self-esteem hurt. Unfortunately, I’m the type of interlocutor. It is as expected, Cai Zhizhong began to question. "How many days did you know from birth to this year?""……" "16+19=35 is equal to 9*4-1, every year is 1430 days, 35 there are 8 leap year, plus 81430*9+8-365=12513. Don’t you think it’s a good idea? I’m not talking about it. "It’s kind of hard…" "Self challenge, TV six years old child will, my IQ 200 how will?" about Cai Zhizhong, there have been many figures, for example: 42 years do not eat breakfast, drink coffee, drink 15 cups a day record, the highest record in the sitting on the chair is 58 hour, once 42 days did not open the door to go out, 4 and a half years old "Enlightenment", at the age of 36 have all, 2006 Asia Bridge first, 125 Championship Cup home, playing 4 times a week for 3 hours each bridge. There are 3520 bronze home. 2011, an area of only 0.63 square feet of comic sketches in the thinking of Damour took $205 thousand, so that his painting price successfully exceeded $200 thousand square feet. In the 2011 Hangzhou Chinese first comics auction, a 3 foot × 6 foot color on paper "road", the transaction price reached 310 thousand yuan…… "Chinese comic history" a book that Cai Zhizhong introduced: "Taiwan has a magical cartoonist." Since the beginning of the 15 year old original works "robbery" intelligent Cai Zhizhong Xuemo, through comics for the value of life, but the peak of understanding the true meaning of life, then the end of the company, went to Japan to attend to Chinese classics cartoon creation, concise and vivid dialogue, freely flowing style of writing lines, sleeping a thousand wisdom shine and brilliance. He crossed the language barrier through a simple pen!相关的主题文章:

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