C6 led Dongfeng Citroen with the whole line of attack Chengdu Auto Show ca4111

C6 led the Dongfeng Citroen to bring the whole series of attack of the Chengdu auto show in September 2nd, Dongfeng Citroen by more senior car C6, enjoy the new era of T, C5, and new C4L, C4, C3-XR, the new Elysee SEGA and Citroen new C4PICASSO all models of strong landing the nineteenth session of the Chengdu international automobile exhibition. In addition, C4 Sega security configuration upgrade again in the current version of Yuexin during the show hot market, SUV C3-XR models (1.2THP) for the first time in the country appeared, that Dongfeng Citroen product lineup has been further strengthened. The concept of CAC first strategic model C6 unveiled Chengdu as the car comfort and comfort to consumers to upgrade, Citroen introduced the "CITROË N ADVANCED COMFORT (CAC) leading comfortable design concept, through the filter of all external influence, let life of car travel more convenient, reduce mental workload," "let the car more seamless linking" four aspects to create consumer comfort car life, and will guide the future of Citroen’s global product development direction. As the "CAC" under the concept of the first strategic model, the design of C6 CAC is the 4 largest consumer point based on core interests: cozy, convenient, clean, simple MI, is a "full range of products to meet the comfort". With a history of 97 years of Citroen, which contains 88 years of working experience in high-end car manufacturing essence, to provide higher levels of comfortable driving for consumers to create a new era of each more enjoy experience. As a new generation of Citroen legal system flagship model, the new car to enjoy more advanced C6 positioning in the D+ market, its arrival, will bring a higher level of product experience, refresh industry standards. C6 enjoy the charm can be through the concept to enjoy its joy, drive to enjoy its fun, seat to enjoy its three aspects to show. The "view" to enjoy its Wyatt make cars more highlight the taste and connotation of good to hear or see, the owner of the C6 energy based on the concept of aesthetic design, create atmosphere, fashion styling, whole class imported NAPPA first layer of leather and natural texture of wood decoration complement each other, showing a unique French style luxury travel, luxury and elegance from within hair. "Driving" enjoy the fun lets the driver experience driving fun: C6 is equipped with up to 11 features of ADAS advanced driver assistance system, equipped with 12.3 inch full color LCD digital instrument and 8 inch vehicle multimedia entertainment system, dual intelligent interaction, bring traffic to experience the wisdom of leading. Enjoy the "seat" suitable for consumers to enjoy a comfortable lead of excellence: 2900 mm large wheelbase, for the occupants to create a spacious interior space; forest net Mi system, four zone automatic air conditioning system to meet the unique needs of different seat passengers, allowing occupants to have a comfortable extraordinary feel comfortable. It is worth mentioning that, C6 is the Dongfeng Citroen brand in the PureTech strategy of DPCA’s first model, equipped with a PureTech power system. "PureTech" is a new stage of strategic DPCA E comprehensive upgrade, through the new engine upgrade, the whole letter相关的主题文章:

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