Black radio spread momentum to curb the number of cases than in April fell 50%–pork face

Black radio spread momentum has been checked the number than in April dropped 50%- Beijing Legal Network Beijing on August 25th news reporter Wan Jing reporter learned from the Ministry of national governance today, hit black radio achieved initial results, to the beginning of August 2016, the number of black radio compared to April 2016 period fell by 50%, "black radio illegal activities have been effectively curbed the spread of momentum. Since February 15, 2016 the State Council against the management of telecommunication network of new criminal special action office to carry out a nationwide strike governance black radio special criminal action since the national radio regulatory agencies at all levels to strengthen public security, broadcasting, and civil aviation departments to cooperate, work together, thorough investigation of the crackdown against governance ", made initial results black radio the. In carrying out special operations, local radio management organizations actively cooperate with public security, broadcasting and other departments to carry out the "black radio signal monitoring comparison, search and positioning, to provide strong technical support for the fight against governance. 2016 2-7 months, the national radio management agencies enabled monitoring and positioning equipment 24185 times, monitoring personnel dispatched 30207 passengers, 9228 radio monitoring car trips, monitoring for 301840 hours, and cooperate with the public security departments of radio and black radio 1796 cases, seized black radio equipment 527 Taiwan (sets). To the beginning of August 2016, the number of black radio compared to April 2016 period fell 50%, black radio crimes spread momentum has been effectively curbed when.相关的主题文章:

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