Big move to achieve the five game winning streak record and play Chinese Bridge-zibba

"Chinese Bridge" master play trick to achieve the five game winning streak record "Chinese Bridge" Liang Tian Sina entertainment news Hunan TV in the fifteenth "Chinese Bridge" has been broadcast on the three, fierce competition by 30 of the world’s highest level of Chinese laowais group and China anchor group just let the audience see fun see fun, personality full of "Dave" also gave the audience left a deep impression. But as the protagonist of foreign players with aura, a beautiful woman anchor China anchor group is really too suction eye, wisdom and beauty coexist, courage and perseverance of mergers, she is — Liang tian. The fourth phase of the program in her open up, easy interpretation of grinding uncle series of God questions, and in the "ultimate answer" link break program to achieve the five game winning streak record. Attentive audience may find the fact that the beam field in the first phase of the "Chinese Bridge" have been "begin to display talents, Chinese characters stroke" game every time when she didn’t write Liang Tian almost missed, but also often give his teammates a timely reminder, the fourth phase of the program will be broadcast will again refresh views on the beam field. The upgraded version of Uncle God question to allow everyone to headache, head of the delegation said that the title anchor waves also did not understand, see the words to understand, but Liang Tian was soon clear logic to explain the origin of the answer, the side of the anchor Wang Qiao said a few words to confuse the public, she has not been set. This issue of "ultimate answer" link Liang Tian is the beginning of zoom trick, when three foreign players seckill her face expressions of disbelief, then she is a new record of five foreign players have done in one vigorous effort to create out of this part of the host, and other players were stunned that field is thundering applause. The answer is invincible, beauty be nothing difficult, really envy others. Want to see the goddess answer style, want to easily get Uncle series of God title? The evening of September 25th, Hunan satellite TV "Chinese Bridge" Beauty School tyrants take you to witness the "Chinese Bridge" new record, take you to see what you can rely on the face but eat depends on talent! (commissioning editor: Laurie)相关的主题文章:

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