Beyond the limit, the challenge of self, RAV4 Rong warriors fight christie stevens

Beyond the limit, the challenge, RAV4 put Rong swordfights in September 11th, sponsored by the Shenzhen municipal cycling cycling association and the Shenzhen District of Longgang City Bicycle Association, FAW TOYOTA RAV4 glory put the title, Coca-Cola sports drinks and water powerade China Unicom joint support of the seventh session of the 24 world, riding 400 kilometers an hour limit Riding Challenge in Shenzhen, Longgang International bicycle race ended. [the FAW TOYOTA Southern China District Marketing Director Mr. Si Shuda of the event speech [] to the Chinese Unicom leadership team to welcome] [calligraphy master Mr. Zhou Zhenlong as the riders cheer] [Coca-Cola water powerade regional leadership for riding friends provide supplies] theme of this contest is "beyond the limits and challenge, Rong swordfights, called" on the bike, bike enthusiasts adhere to adhere to environmental protection, with practical action to protect the environment, enhance physical fitness, self challenge. [put for the new RAV4 wing riding activities escort] the challenge a total of more than 1700 participants, from Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Huizhou, Dongguan and other surrounding areas, but also from Hong Kong, Guangxi, Hunan, Hubei, Fujian, Shanghai, Nepal, South Korea, Germany, the United States and other provinces and cities and foreign players, including at least 18 years of age, 56 years. All participants are required to complete 400 km cycling in the whole 24 hours, every 100 kilometers to set up a checkpoint and recharge, free drinking water for each point, a large bus back player to provide transport services, there are professional rescue vehicles for riders to rescue, a continuous 24 hour ride and on people’s physical strength and willpower is a test. RAV4 wing for the race to provide work vehicles, rescue vehicles, logistics vehicles, including vehicle support, a good guarantee for the normal race. [Mr Zhou Zhenlong] at the masters of calligraphy in the fast-paced city life, people’s pursuit of speed and efficiency, there is little chance to slow down and enjoy the side of the customs. Bicycle riding has become a leisure way of urban life. Now, more and more people began to ride the bike, walk through the city and countryside, enjoy nature and health. Feel the mountain beautiful scenery, pleasant feeling close to nature. From all corners of the country [bicycle enthusiasts signature] [the team awarded honorary medals] [the warriors] of immediate departure ceremony organizers said: through such a non racing nature of the challenge, let everyone know to protect the environment, reduce carbon emissions, is the common attention of the whole human subject; bicycle has exceeded the range of vehicles, become a kind of fashion, the motion of the tool, the bicycle right problem also hope to get attention.相关的主题文章:

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