Bestie will pull down the park era curtain-sopor aeternus

"Bestie" will pull down the park times original title: "bestie curtain door" will pull down the curtain of the ruling era Park Li Dunqiu Park Geun hye only 1 years and 3 months, she has not come to a successful issue in President "". In fact, park Geun hye era has ended slowly, perhaps, which triggered the Korean social crisis has just begun. South Korea "bestie intervention incident intensified, in November 4th two hot news, South Korea pollster Gallup (Gallup Korea) announced on the day of the survey results show that the South Korean people to President Park Geun hye’s support rate fell to 5%, the lowest rate in support of presidents hit South Korea since the founding of new china. In addition, the people of South Korea’s largest opposition Democratic Party’s support rate of 31%, the ruling new world party support rate of 18%, the National Party of the opposition camp was 13%. Second news, South Korean President Park Geun hye 4 at 10:30 in the morning local time, according to the "bestie intervention" event published on the national conversation, apologize again. Park Geun hye said: "everything is my fault, because it is caused by the oversight." If necessary, even willing to accept special investigation. Pu Jinhui also said that the government will not interrupt the operation, communicate with government representatives frequently, and denied that he joined the cult". Pu Jinhui, who was in Chong Wa Dae in October 25th published a national conversation, admitted to the presidential election, as well as the president had been on the part of the information to solicit the views of Cui, and to apologize to all the people on the matter. These show that park Geun hye not accept strong voice of the South Korean people for his resignation, will continue to "state affairs", the presidency of the hang, and the people of Pu Jinhui and the ruling party’s support rate cliff style decline in stark contrast. So, Pu Jinhui can exercise the presidential power? Park Geun hye times can continue? In order to fire, Pu Jinhui first in October 30th accepted the presidential emergency reshuffle, Chong Wa Dae policy chief secretary An Zhongfan and other 8 core staff resignation. Prosecutors in November 2nd night announced the implementation of emergency arrest on Jong home and office, on a number of current and former aides park also were raided. Secondly, in November 2nd, Professor Pu Jinhui nominated National University before the Roh Moo-hyun administration office director Jin Bingzhun as the new prime minister, at the same time, Ren Zhonglong was slated for economic and Finance Committee Deputy Prime Minister and a series of cabinet reshuffle program. Pu Jinhui hastily made prime minister and Deputy Prime Minister for economic purposes, in order to stabilize the shaken state politics for Cui Shunshi events. Chong Wa Dae said, "in order to reflect the political requirements of the neutral cabinet purpose, President Park served as Professor Kim promoted Bingzhun director Roh Moo-hyun as Prime Minister of the government policy office." These measures can achieve the desired effect of Park Geun hye, questionable. First challenge from within the ruling party, returning to Cui Shunshi in October 30th on the same day, the Supreme Council of the new national party held an emergency meeting, proposed to form a ruling cabinet "National Park neutral party and the opposition party agreed". The move is considered by slashing the president the power to save the people of Wei相关的主题文章:

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