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Beijing: 3rd Ring Rd entrances will be designated bus road – Beijing channel: original title: 3rd Ring Rd entrances will be designated bus today at midnight in Lize bridge on the north side of the conservation group, Luqiao municipal workers who started milling machine, and from the third section of the final 240 meters of the construction section of the northwest Sanhuan overhaul the last section of the road pavement project officially started construction. At 5 this morning, along with the completion of this section, in addition to other sections of the new bridge and the Suzhou bridge, the northwest Sanhuan overhaul of the road project also announced the completion of the official, the future of the main road will no longer be blocked at night road. The 3rd Ring Rd bus lanes on issues of public concern this week, the Municipal Transportation Commission Director Zhou Zhengyu said today, half the current bus lanes crossed sections lack 3rd Ring Rd total mileage, Lane main road entrance part is open. Now the relevant standards of Beijing city regulations lane is continuous application. With special markings at the intersection to remind the community of vehicles can cross, so the design of traffic order will be better, now gradually in the pilot, Chang’an Avenue has completed the application. The 3rd Ring Rd bus lanes to also go to gradually adjust according to the running situation. "Even if it is not to say that the interruption of social vehicles in and out of the road, social vehicles can also go, the bus can also go straight, but to improve traffic efficiency." Before the completion of the site to start the morning rush to resume traffic at 1 am, the new road began paving construction. About two of the paver slowly forward, funnel muck car lump poured into the hot asphalt paver ahead, and then evenly spread out from behind the shop on the road. The construction workers dressed in orange vests in the paver paving asphalt will continue to back, four roller followed by moving forward, backwards, the asphalt pavement of the soft solid pressure, a road to the taking shape. "From 0 to 5, to complete the milling, laying oil and other processes, as far as possible to ensure that no noise, as early as the peak before the road must restore traffic. Time cards very dead, the engineering difficulties here." Beijing municipal Luqiao four company responsible person Long Qifeng. The most afraid of rain, in order to ensure the quality of paving, paving asphalt can not rain, so the rain will be shut down, ready for the day of a whole vehicle asphalt will be abandoned." Anti rutting asphalt layer booster bus lanes on Monday, three ring road bus lanes officially opened. Then the new paved the road for the large volume weight of the bus rolled, what is the "secret recipe"? Long Qifeng told reporters that the answer lies in the newly paved asphalt layer. In the northwest Sanhuan overhaul, according to the opening of the new bus lanes in the outside lane and all entrances to specially laid an anti rutting of asphalt concrete, the asphalt has better stability, after the long-term rolling road is not easy to damage, even after many years still flat again. And above this layer of asphalt, but also the laying of asphalt rubber. The asphalt can form a waterproof adhesive layer, the layer of protection, when it rains, the rain will only stay on the pavement surface, not penetrate the past, to ensure the durability of the asphalt layer is dry, so the higher the asphalt pavement, road)相关的主题文章:

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