Ban Ki-moon called on all parties in the South China Sea to resolve disputes through peaceful dialog-sexinse

Ban Ki-moon called on the parties in the South China Sea through peaceful dialogue to resolve the dispute in the Sohu News News Agency – the United Nations in August 29, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon 29, said in Singapore, the South China Sea to all parties in accordance with international law recognized the principle of resolving disputes through peaceful dialogue. Ban Ki-moon made the remarks in a lecture at the Singapore Management university. When it comes to regional hot issues, he said the tensions in the South China Sea is still very concerned about the people, provocation and misunderstanding may escalate, and the whole region has long been the pursuit of harmony in danger. "I have called on all parties concerned to settle disputes through peaceful dialogue in accordance with the principles of international law. I also hope that the formulation of the code of conduct in the South China Sea can enhance mutual understanding between the parties." Ban Ki-moon believes that ASEAN will continue to make progress in the integration, peace and stability in Southeast asia. Ban Ki-moon expressed the hope that the region will be able to transcend the long-term differences, border disputes and conflicting historical cognition. "It would be a tragedy for Asia to let the past drag its feet. The region must look forward and share the future." The day before, China Foreign Ministry spokesman said that China’s position on the South China Sea arbitration is consistent and clear. China is willing to open the dialogue between China and the Philippines as soon as possible. Philippines is our friendly neighbor, although there are some problems between the two sides, but did not go past the Hom, the two sides can resolve differences through friendly consultations, we have confidence in this. We hold a positive and welcoming attitude to the talks between the two sides as soon as possible.相关的主题文章:

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