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Autumn 8 chestnuts equal to a bowl of rice? Eat chestnuts really easy to get fat on chowhound, chestnuts are irresistible autumn delicacy. (Zhejiang Online – evening) roadside stalls to buy a bag of sugar just pan fried chestnut, hot peel, thrown into his mouth, then huchihuchi blow accidentally scalded tongue, this is not worthy of the gift of autumn. These two days, Hangzhou several well-known roasted shop, all lined up at noon to buy, a row of 20 minutes, but was most willing to, they feel guilty – afraid of fat. Rivers and lakes spread 8 chestnuts equal to a bowl of rice, as well as the heat of the equivalent of a bowl of 6 chestnuts heat. The food was so simple, say with great scourges like. Taste a fresh, why do you hurt each other. Yesterday, the reporter interviewed a nutritionist and a doctor, ask them to introduce chestnuts. Eat chestnuts every year, but in fact, we do not know the chestnut. 8 chestnuts is equivalent to a bowl of rice, this statement is not accurate, the equivalent of a bowl of rice, 8 chestnuts, than the heat. Hangzhou shop to sell on the market each roasted chestnut and selected varieties are not the same, but also big difference. My family just bought a new chestnut, is produced under the town of Shangyu, the head is quite large, a dollar coin size. After the pressure cooker boiled, with shell, said seven or eight, almost 100 grams. In accordance with the "China dietary guidelines" in a standard bowl, a bowl of Steamed Rice amount should be 100~110 grams of rice made of rice. The Nutrition Department of Hangzhou Traditional Chinese Medical Hospital dietitian Yang Songying reminded reporters, usually go to the dining hall 22 Steamed Rice, refers to 100 grams of rice boiled rice; if the weight of 100 grams of Steamed Rice said, Steamed Rice rarely, very shallow bowl, are less than one or two. She took out the Chinese food nutrition table, check a few figures: cooked chestnuts, 100 grams of calories is 214 thousand cards. The same is converted into heat Steamed Rice, 214 thousand calories, need to eat Steamed Rice is about 184 grams (100 grams Steamed Rice 116 thousand calories), which is about 65~70 grams of rice to do it, actually less than a bowl. Vitamin C content of chestnut chestnut is also richer than tomatoes Fagaceae Castanea plants, botanically speaking, it belongs to the nuts. However, with the melon seeds, walnut these brothers are not the same, chestnut fat content is low, high starch content, when it is more appropriate food. In addition to starch, chestnut protein, B vitamins, calcium, phosphorus, potassium and other minerals are good, high dietary fiber content." Yang Songying said, compared with Steamed Rice, lower glycemic index of chestnut, it is suitable for fine flour and other staple food, instead of Steamed Rice. The protein content of fresh chestnut was 4%~5%, though not as much as peanut and walnut, but slightly higher than cooked rice. "For some vegetarian populations, chestnut can complement protein and minerals, instead of part of the staple food is actually good." Zhang Pianhong, director of the Second Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University medical school. In addition, chestnut vitamin B1, B2 rich in vitamin B2 content is 4 times that of rice. Every 100 grams contain vitamin C24 mg, this, other food can not do. You may not think that fresh chestnut contains the dimension.相关的主题文章:

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