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Auto insurance claims survey by " staff to ask for tips; "? Will be included in the credit records of the new network in the Nanfang Daily News (reporter Guo Jiaxuan) September 23rd morning, reporters from the Guangdong provincial insurance association was informed that the "Guangdong Province motor vehicle insurance damage survey personnel information management system will be officially opened recently in Guangdong Province, the motor vehicle damage survey personnel to implement the credit management. It is reported that the management system developed by the Insurance Association of Guangdong province and Guangdong Province, the insurance intermediary industry association, and formulated the "Guangdong auto insurance damage survey personnel integrity information records management approach", record basic information, flow, etc. Industry Award in recognition of the insurance industry in Guangdong province engaged in motor vehicle damage survey personnel, and focus on the survey record the use of auto insurance claims personnel loss duties will eat, take the card to 9 kinds of bad behavior. Through integrity management, surveying personnel behavior constraints, regulating the flow of surveying personnel, suggesting that insurance companies and intermediaries to have a poor record of integrity cautious hiring personnel. The Insurance Association of Guangdong Province, the relevant responsible person said, the information management system and record management measures after the implementation of effective supervision and insurance claims personnel will be law-abiding, honest and trustworthy, to promote the healthy development of the insurance industry.相关的主题文章:

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