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August Zhaiji by holding assets approaching trillion (Figure) – Sohu financing by the end of August 8 trillion and 530 billion, this is the latest public fund asset size data, refresh the 12 at the end of last year hit a record 8 trillion and 400 billion, a new record high. From the breakdown of the data, a bright spot in August raised assets scale changes, such as the scale of closed-end funds appear rare in recent years the growth of a single month increase of 17%; the size of the bond fund monthly increase of 63 billion 700 million yuan, the total size of up to 986 billion 600 million yuan, approaching trillion. There is no doubt that this is closely related to the recent influx of funds raised outside the bank’s funds. Reporter Liu Qinghua debt in August net purchase lead the Securities Investment Fund Industry Association announced the August public offering of the fund market data show that as of the end of August, there were a total of 104 fund management companies, securities companies owned pipe company or a securities company has made public fund management qualification of 12 companies, insurance and information management company 1. The above institutions assets management of the public fund totaling 8 trillion and 530 billion yuan, more than the previous record in 2015 12 at the end of the highest level in 8 trillion and 400 billion, a new record high. Ring, in August a total of 117 new funds were established, the number of months to set up the highest number of years, and only last year, when the bull market in May and the number of funds established in June. However, although the fund issued more, but the scale of asset growth is not synchronized, raised assets increased by 248 billion yuan, an increase of $3%, an increase of less than last July. The classification, hybrid funds and bond funds in August to become the size of the new breakthroughs in the main, the two types of funds increased by 67 billion 181 million yuan and 63 billion 793 million yuan, the bond fund is more popular, see changes from share share grew 57 billion 754 million, an increase of 7.5%, while the hybrid fund net purchase of 42 billion 851 million copies, an increase of 2.63%. Among them, the size of the bond fund has reached a record high, approaching 1 trillion, to $986 billion 618 million, while at the end of last year at the end of 12, the bond fund is only $697 billion 384 million. In the case of the overall downturn in the equity market this year, the steady growth of the scale of bond funds. The first set aside in August to raise the scale of the bond fund, the fund can be seen in the old in August also received a net purchase. Although the size of hybrid funds also increased by more than 670 yuan, but the share of the net growth of only 42 billion 800 million, mainly is the mixed fund achieved revenue in August to promote the growth of assets. Closed-end fund for a new breakthrough worth mentioning is that the number of closed-end funds in August there has been a breakthrough. As of the end of 8, the total number of closed-end funds increased to 230, an increase of 16 compared with the end of 7. In the beginning of this year for the 164, that is, the first 7 months, the average monthly increase of about 7, far less than the number of established in August. Thanks to the establishment of the new fund, closed-end fund size also increased to 320 billion 140 million copies, $341 billion 973 million, an increase of 48 billion 553 million yuan compared to the end of the month and 46 billion 661 million copies, an increase of up to 17.06% and 16.55%, respectively, in China相关的主题文章:

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