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Apple Siri Paypal paid for VR payment foundation – Sohu digital   ubiquitous online payment service PayPal local time on Thursday released a new version of the iOS application, this update has integrated Siri function, so the user can realize the transfer of money by apple and assistant.         double 11 hot still convey the fact that the Internet transaction to create wealth. Ubiquitous online payment also indicates that BUY+ is currently the most popular means of VR transactions. With the progress of VR technology, one day VR payment will become the main way to pay online. With the Alibaba Alipay, Apple’s online payment service PayPal has also been updated, integrated Siri function.         this version allows iPhone and iPad users through the realization of voice transfer and money. For example, Hey  Siri,   send  tom$250using  PayPal (Hey, Siri, through Paypal to Tom to $250). Today, only the voice prompts to access PayPal accounts. However, it is not clear that the function of the understanding of the entry, which undoubtedly has a strong intelligent network support.         apple is currently open to third party developers Siri  API only after just over two months, PayPal launched the Siri integration. Perhaps in the future VR payment, voice interaction will become increasingly important.相关的主题文章:

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