And a woman fighting and the actress Wang Yaoqing poster exposure entertainment Sohu – tug of

"And a woman fighting" and the actress Wang Yaoqing poster exposure – Sohu tug of war and women fighting "entertainment" emotional tug of War Poster Sohu entertainment news by the famous director Pan Shuwu directed drama "workplace urban emotion and women" is Qingdao hot shot in battle. The day before, the show exposed the new emotional tug of war version of the poster, the poster with the actor Wang Yaoqing, Ting Mei, Zhu Dan, Wang Wei to Liu Dini, the actress "emotional tug of war", let this in a public enemy "and women fighting" full of spectacle. "And a woman fighting" the latest poster exposure, Wang Yaoqing tug of war in a public enemy drama "and" super woman fighting from the cast, the strength of the actor Wang Yaoqing and Ting Mei, Zhu Dan, Wang Wei, to Liu Dini, the actress launched a genuine and fake emotion contest in the play, the audience rising expectations. It is reported that the drama shooting photos, netizens Lu transillumination upon exposure attracted many onlookers, in order to meet the expectations of the audience, "and women’s war" published the latest poster. The poster, actor Wang Yaoqing, Ting Mei, Zhu Dan, and to Wang Wei Liu Dini, the actress launched a tug of war. One side is weak but courtly and gentle man, the other side is the actress with style, with both sides, "the strength of the poor" great surprise. The poster of Wang Yaoqing is always elite temperament, black suit, soft adorable smile, even in a public enemy no fear. And you can have a different attitude of actress, glamorous and elegant, temperament elegant, lively and lovely, various types of sections, beautiful. Coupled with a colorful background, so that this poster will attract a lot of attention to attract a lot of attention, but also let the work of the expectations of the rise again. Wang Yaoqing, Yu Mingjia Wang Yaoqing, Zhu Dan Wang Yaoqing in the play of war of the goddess, emotional concern strength metrosexual man Wang Yaoqing always gives grace, elite screen impression. In the TV series and the battle of women, Wang Yaoqing will continue its high quality mature male line, acting as the advertising industry elite Zhang Hongxing. The play, he minded and for people like, so life was stable and comfortable. But a few women around him to disturb his peaceful life, emotional life and career twisted into a mess, and some women get along like a battle, let him exhausted. The play, he not only form a pair of quarrelsome lovers and Yu Mingjia played off Meiyang, at the same time in the workplace and love love to kill, Ting Mei, Zhu Dan, Wang Wei and Liu Dini, and the many actress role to have entangled, false or true emotional entanglements. What is the outcome of the battle of the male god Wang Yaoqing goddess, this battle will be fought with the goddess of how wonderful, all aspects of the audience need to wait quietly. It is reported that the TV series "and women fight" by the strength of actor Wang Yaoqing, Yu Mingjia, Ting Mei, Zhu Dan, Wang Wei, Xi Meijuan, Morni Chang, Zhang Yao, Li Ge, Chen Lina, Geng Le, Shi Tianqi, Liu Dini, Haas Gogh Va, Gong Lei, Wang Haojun, Chen Xiaoxiao, Chen Jialun, Huang Huixiang, Ren Wei, Li Yifeng, safflower, Liang Baoling, Zhang Xueqi, Zhang Jianguo, Zhao Jin, Liu Xiangqing, Gao Gan Mai, Zhao Yi.相关的主题文章:

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