Aiming at the participatory poverty village precision drip Gansu 1 million 180 thousand

Aiming at the participatory poverty village precision drip   Gansu 1 million 180 thousand people to consolidate and improve the safety of drinking water in Gansu, Channel original title: participatory poverty village aiming precision drip Gansu to strengthen the promotion of 1 million 180 thousand people drinking water safety in Gansu Province focus on poverty alleviation accurate precise poverty, reform and innovation mechanism in 12 prefectures, 54 counties accelerate rural drinking water safety to strengthen the promotion of engineering construction, efforts to improve the water supply guarantee rate and poor areas of tap water quality compliance rate. The reporter learned from the Provincial Department of water resources, at present, centralized water supply projects across the province is like a raging fire in the construction, is expected to the end of October this year to complete the construction of the main project completed by the end of the water, will solve the long-term safety problems of drinking water in 1107 poor villages, filing riser 1 million 180 thousand people. Gansu Province, the natural conditions are harsh, water resources shortage, resource type, engineering type, water quality. Although in recent years through the implementation of rural drinking water safety project, the tap water penetration rate increased from 25.8% in 2005 to 80% at present, but there are still some engineering construction standards low, water condition changes, water supply capacity is low, operation management is not in place and other issues. For the further implementation of the provincial government precision precision poverty strategic deployment to reduce poverty, the provincial water resources department in accordance with the clear base, problems, countermeasures, Qing Qing Qing mission requirements, actively docking, repeated verification, and ultimately determine the 1107 filing riser poor village 260 thousand poor households 1 million 180 thousand people drinking water safety problem of instability. At the same time, combined with the precise poverty data information platform, our province development and construction of the "cross project longitudinal to farmers" rural drinking water safety management information system, the province’s 10 thousand centralized water supply projects, 430 thousand projects, 4 million 850 thousand decentralized water supply water user information input system, create conditions for solving the poverty problem of drinking water "drip type precise docking. Gansu innovation mechanism, increase the intensity of financial integration, to ensure the smooth implementation of the project. This year plans to invest 1 billion 304 million yuan to consolidate and improve rural drinking water safety projects. In addition to the central finance 200 million yuan of funds, all the rest of the provincial finance fallback. Integration of finance, poverty alleviation and water conservancy funds 560 million yuan, while the role of water conservancy investment and financing platform, the use of policy bank loans of $544 million to solve the problem of funding gap. In order to speed up the progress of construction projects, Gansu ahead of planning, ahead of schedule, in October last year, the full completion of the project in early 2016 approval. Around the project to carry out the tender, the construction of land acquisition, bridge (culvert) coordination, and in March this year, the overall construction. Provincial Water Conservancy Department established the Department leadership team members, the State Office guidance, supervision system counterpart chip, on the progress of the project quality, implement, supervise and report monthly late season publicity, the project construction tasks will be refined to the village, on the responsibility to the people, the inspection found problems timely inform the municipal and county governments, Listing Supervision and rectification implement. (commissioning editor Gao Xiang and Zhou Wanting)相关的主题文章:

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