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Administrative law enforcement is not law-abiding, why unlicensed vehicles have emboldened the "Legal Daily" report, Henan, Zhoukou, Shenqiu, Taikang, Shangshui, administrative law enforcement car without motor vehicle plate, such as urban management in the County Department of Transportation Bureau, county, County Urban Construction Bureau, the County Environmental Protection Bureau, Bureau of organs in the yard at the administrative law enforcement vehicles, the majority is not listed. What is more, the police car parked on the roadside did not hang the license plate. The administrative law enforcement vehicles, regardless of which department is, it is first of all motor vehicles, in accordance with the provisions of the "road traffic safety law", driving a motor vehicle on road shall hang a motor vehicle plate, place the conformity inspection mark and the insurance sign, and with the motor vehicle license. The driver was driving the vehicle according to the specified license suspension not only face fines, will be deducted 12 points penalty. Now the problem is that these are rampant everywhere, without passing through the law enforcement vehicles without a license, he will be the first law enforcement? Should not, the news said, even some police roadside are unlicensed, and such a law enforcement vehicle lead not abide by the law, is not the first time reported by the media, not only in recent years. The law is there, but there are a number of top administrative enforcement in the name of official vehicles, long time in state law and law enforcement agencies will not be punished, even the Secretary of traffic management of their law enforcement vehicles are not linked to the license plate, what does that mean? At least, in front of the law is to have put it down in black and white, a group of people, some institutions can think beyond the law, and in fact it is really illegal, and will not be punished by law. In recent years not heard where the so-called is not outside the law ", which sounds like" outside the law "should not also do not exist, only in this way is consistent with" equality before the law "the rule of law. As everyone knows, this "outside the law". Since there is, it really has such a place, big dare not say, for example, the administrative law enforcement car across the mainland provinces of many times, unscrupulous. The law has become a matter of administrative law enforcement, it also holds what kind of law? The administrative law enforcement vehicles not listed, the most immediate danger, but contrary to "road traffic safety law", has become a great hidden danger for the traffic management, more seriously, all kinds of administrative act in administrative law enforcement in the name of the state is to evade supervision. In January 2016, the State Council issued the implementation of the rule of law (2015-2020), which put forward to improve the administrative law enforcement procedures, the establishment of the whole process of law enforcement record system". The administrative law enforcement should be recorded, the administrative law enforcement is not actually car license plate car, you let the public record of what? How to record? In September 2015, Gansu County Urban Management Department report users of law enforcement vehicles not listed, local officials responded that this is learning the experience of other counties and law enforcement. What experience? Why not listed as a law enforcement experience? After all, nothing more than to make the administrative law enforcement organs, is unable to supervise the public, urban beat, hit the things you want to take pictures of onlookers is of no use, a "law enforcement" hung as like as two peas brand of car, who afterwards you go to look for, and can supervise? What’s more, the administrative law enforcement.相关的主题文章:

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