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Actor Fan Shiqi’s partner on a Yongchang an emotional journey – Beijing, Youku produced by the world as the media production network drama "my wife" fox in September 25th this year in Taipei held the starting ceremony. The play will be popular by small meat Fan Shiqi and 96 year Yongchang starring Ann goddess temperament. It is reported that, "my wife" is the fox 17k novel network super popular network writer night Aries adapted from the novel, and it is known as the classic campus power series, has a large number of fans of the original books. For the adaptation of the IP network drama, fans have high expectations. "My wife" Fox tells the story of the ancient spirit demon fox Lin Tong Qiao (ANN Yongchang ornaments) in an enclosed stay adorable timid a strange combination of circumstances but without losing a sense of justice Indoorsman Liu Yi (Fan Shiqi ornaments) in the right hand, then Liu Yi life rapidly reversed, step by step to grow into a young hero, capture beautiful colors, eventually become a winner in life story. Interestingly, the fox is enclosed right hand set Yi Liu very reverie, some netizens even guess the drama will be the love in the campus "and Chinese parasyte version" version of "my girlfriend is a combination of" the fox, friends and fans of remarkable degree of suspense, expressed great expectations! A fresh lineup absorbing fairy fall boot ceremony, a small meat fan with 96 new generation Shiqi fairy actor Ann Yongchang debut. Participated in the "city of fantasy" and many other popular TV drama little meat Fan Shiqi, is not only a TV drama actor or a number of variety shows the darling of the handsome and witty as well as the powder lot. In addition to participating in this meeting of "my wife" fox, a movie by IP network drama "participating in its hidden password" this year is expected to fall in Youku broadcast alone, the potential should not be underestimated. The female Tong Lin play who is invited to the princess in "promotion" play in the strongest third Jiang Yingyue An Yongchang. An elegant and refined temperament Yongchang for 96 years, a pair of big eyes bright and clear, very suitable for the role of fox. It is reported that two people will open a married emotional journey to quarrelsome lovers. Creative team is more big, the director Lin Shiyong who directed "BBS village justice" (Berlin Chan, Ivy Chen) and by virtue of the film won the best new director of Taiwan Golden Horse Award nomination. The production team is made of experience in campus network is a gilded signboard drama as the world powers and the media to build, "my wife," the Fox platform Youku such high-quality exclusive broadcast, the combination is bound for the success of the escort. It is reported that the actor has been into the group, will enter the stage of shooting wildly beating gongs and drums. The play will be in December 2016 Youku broadcast alone, please look forward to.相关的主题文章:

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