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Not according to the law of the real name registration   Nanjing hotel was fined one hundred thousand yuan, the rule of Law — original title: not according to the law of the real name registration, a hotel will be fined one hundred thousand yuan this year is the "People’s Republic of China Anti Terrorism Law" the implementation of the first year, August 26th, the Nanjing public security organs according to the law on illegal Hotel out of the first ticket. Recently, Nanjing police launched a comprehensive inspection unit of the area of the hotel industry, especially for small and medium-sized hotels, chain hotels, hotels, apartments and other business entities, repeatedly carry out daily inspection, spot checks and a thorough investigation, focusing on the implementation of inspection verification check in real name registration system, and pre issued a notice shall be ordered to make corrections. The evening of August 10th, the Nanjing Municipal Public Security Bureau, Qinhuai branch of the police station in the area of the horse check a hotel in the area, found that a room is not a true registration of accommodation passenger identity information, immediately issued a rectification notice ordered. August 24th at 7 am, when the police check the hotel again, found that there are still no room to register the true identity of the identity of the passengers of the four rooms. Police immediately in strict accordance with the law enforcement procedures, the legal representative of the hotel and the relevant responsible person to produce transcripts, transcripts, seized and other materials, and the testimony of witnesses, photographs and other evidence fixed. In August 26th, Nanjing police according to provisions of "People’s Republic of China Anti Terrorism Law" article eighty-sixth of the first and second paragraphs, be fined one hundred thousand yuan for the hotel in accordance with the law, to the person in charge of the shop and the registration staff were also punished accordingly. The police said, with the hotel accommodation registration identity information is not only to fulfill their civic duty, but also to participate in social governance and national action, such as the hotel customer information registration shall perform the duties, if passengers forget to carry identity documents and need to stay in hotels, hotels, the hotel should be responsible person in a timely manner to verify with the district police station, the police can stay behind approved. (reporter correspondent Ji Yuxuan Ning Gongxuan (Qin Gongxuan) Wang Qichen (Internship), commissioning editor: Zhang Yu)相关的主题文章:

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