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A woman who tied bricks sink into the bottom of collecting clues reward – Beijing Yangzi Evening News (reporter correspondent Ji Yuxuan Ning Gongxuan) the afternoon of September 24th, a river in the Jiangning District of Nanjing City Dongshan Street harvest roadside, some people found suspicious things have a plastic cloth wrapped in the river, some people look like the body. Then rushed to the police. The police rushed to the scene, after investigation, proved to be a female corpse, the corpse has been rotten, the body in plastic bags, the deceased strapped to his waist several pieces of red brick. Reporters saw the scene, the police have pulled up the cordon at the scene. The river is nearly 10 metres wide. Few people go to the river because of the bushes and trees. September 25th, Nanjing police issued a reward notice: in September 24, 2016, Dongshan street, Nanjing, Jiangning found an unknown body. After investigation, the deceased was a woman about 40 years old, about 165cm tall, medium body, red brown hair, eyebrow, ears pierced ears, wearing a blue purple tee double chiffon shirt, sleeves and hem (see photo), white embroidered death time about a week, had done appendectomy. Please the masses to actively provide clues to the police to help find the source. To provide clues to identify the source of the body or unit, Nanjing public security will be given 30 thousand yuan reward. Contact officer Cao 18913833255, Yang officer, 13776548885.相关的主题文章:

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