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A red army after 62 years of this government ious in 72 years, 15 thousand of the original title: the long march in Hunan: third to break through the blockade of   a coin to witness the victory of the Red Army Long March strict military discipline Bai Shi Du old village villagers about the origin of Rihao Kuang Soviet Red Army 80 anniversary commemorative coins if the Reds first according to the strategic plan, from the southern Guangdong army breakthrough blockade, arrived in Xiangxi, and joins the red two, six army, Hunan may become the destination of the long march. However, there is no history. In 1934, the Central Red Army entered Hunan twice: first in advance in southern Hunan, broke through the blockade of the Kuomintang troops in the Han railway under the cloth third. After the battle of Xiangjiang, and Guangxi County in the southwest of Hunan channel reentry, held an emergency meeting to give up the original guidelines for Xiangxi to join the red two, the six army, to the enemy weak March from Guizhou, which saved the red army. The "first Jungui" also was born in Hunan. On the Long March, the people’s army has to abide by strict military discipline, to get the people’s trust, expand the strength, expand the ranks. In July this year, the reporter with the Guangdong province "Chongzou joint interview with the long way group into Hunan, visited the site of the long road, listen to the witness and successor to tell the story of the year. The map, Guangzhou Daily reporter Shen Hui correspondent Yan Junwei and the long history of the new Han Railway: This destroy the enemy’s breaking the blockade extended Red Army in mountain Bi Ling Bai Shi Du Zhen Hunan Yizhang County, Beijing Guangzhou railway line at the bridge through the city, every train is not always on the move and night roaring. A few hundred meters away, the period of the Republic of South Han railway traffic artery, only sporadic sections covered with gravel tracks, tunnels and abandoned the old station. The two railways, as if the two times of the watch, illustrate the unique status of Yizhang "chokepoint", has become a symbol of the long march in Yizhang county. Bai Shi Du Hunan Yizhang County, is located in the "tail of Hunan Guangdong head", is the ancient Central Plains and the south of the Five Ridges trade "Chu Guangdong channels", the military a hotly contested spot. In 1934, the Red Army in the Long March broke through the third lines of defense of the Kuomintang army in the Guangdong Han railway. At that time, more than 160 railway workers joined the ranks of the red army. According to local history expert Yan Baolin introduction, in November 10, 1934, Zhou Enlai and Liu Baicheng under the command of the Red Army, the red division three regiment in Yizhang white stone edge crossing ferries to annihilate two port of Hunan Province even the security forces guard here, more than and 200 destroy the enemy armed, the army passed clear Han railway main obstacle. Old and new look: the mountain town of Hunan turned the "South Gate" writer Xiao Feng in the "Long March" in the diary wrote, captured Bai Shi Du, Zhou Enlai was very happy to tell the soldiers: "don’t you see this is a small town, but it is important support for the enemy third blockade." Yizhang called "Chu Guangdong channels", is the "throat" road south of Guangdong. Now, through blood and fire history of smoke, precious spiritual wealth left by the Red Army, not only nourish the old people’s heart, also become the local economic and social development.相关的主题文章:

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