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A man in Dalian in the 4 million 20 thousand prize award "winning specialist" in August 22nd, 14 lottery lottery winner 16124th lottery. The Spanish focus events, because Atletico home court upset 1:1 promoted Weiss against Allah, the only out of 2 note first prize, the single note bonus up to 3 million 430 thousand yuan. The Dalian lottery Liu lucky hit the two prize in the 1 note first prize and 11 note which is get a bonus of 4 million 20 thousand yuan. It is worth mentioning that, Mr. Liu is the third time to get more than 4 million lottery lottery prize, called "winning specialist". In August 25th, Mr. Liu came to the city sports lottery center duijiang. The winning lottery ticket for August 21st at noon to buy lottery betting station, located in the spring area of Ganjingzi B4 District No. 3-7 lottery number 22013rd. In the process of awarding procedures, Mr. Liu introduced after winning. It turned out that in August 21st the purchase of the day, Mr. Liu and his friends in the field of tourism. This does not prevent him from gambling, he checked the day by note the competition in the mobile phone, a analysis, the hearts of selected betting results. Although not in Dalian, but he made contact with the No. 22030th betting station to pay the betting money, and entrusted to his family in Dalian to take away the lottery betting station. Lottery betting amount of 4096 yuan, is a double ticket. The police station next door theft after winning the lottery also had the awarding evening, Mr. Liu to fly back to Dalian. He clearly remembers that the plane landed, he inquires into the first game has begun to start. The second day, Mr. Liu found the query of Atletico Madrid home court upset, draw promoted. "It was a very important game, and I knew it was going to be a big prize." Mr. Liu was, in this game he bought "Sheng" and "flat". Finally, the lottery results out of Mr. Liu, the country only opened 2 note first prize, one of the lucky ones is Mr. liu. He purchased this compound ticket not only hit the first prize 1 note, while the other two prizes in the note, the total amount of bonuses of up to 4 million 20 thousand in the year of 11. And about 4000000 of the award is not the first time mr.. As early as in 2008 and 2014, he has two times in the lottery harvest awards, bonuses were above 4 million, the highest a bonus of 4 million 200 thousand. For frequently hit the lottery prize, Mr Liu believes that cannot do without good luck, but also need to have a good foundation of betting. Mr. Liu from the purchase of lottery games are played a listing, the lottery has been more than ten years of history, a long-term study of the odds, handicap and other professional knowledge. In the process of betting, skills are growing. In the past few years in the lottery circle, Mr. Liu has become a lottery master. For the use of bonuses, Mr. Liu did not say. He said that in the planning, but certainly will set aside a small part as a future lottery lottery money.相关的主题文章:

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