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A shares the same board looking through the bull and bear true growth stocks: Sina Finance App live on-line blogger to tutor to help stocks masters 20 years experience veteran Jiepan expected in August 25th, covering the gap trend finally appeared, but the A shares this run way rather offbeat. By the China Insurance Regulatory Commission, will strengthen the universal insurance investment supervision news August 25th, Shanghai and Shenzhen two stock index both Tiaokong Dikaidizou, the index quickly sell on Monday the gap left by rapid recharge. Although since the stock index rebounded slightly down again after, but after the below 3050 points by bargain hunting support obviously, the stock index in the afternoon is the shock rebound. Finally, the Shanghai index closed at 3068.33 points, down 17.55 points, or 0.57%, turnover of 200 billion 900 million yuan; the Shenzhen Component Index closed at 10679.15 points, down 81.29 points, or 0.76%, turnover of 310 billion 200 million yuan; the gem index closed at 2180.66 points, down 11.51 points, or 0.53%, turnover of 92 billion yuan. Two cities a total turnover of 511 billion 100 million yuan, an increase over the previous trading day. Although many market participants had expected the stock index will be back on Monday to Thursday this gap, but the downward upward gap covering the way outside or beyond many market participants expected. This is certainly affected by the CIRC will strengthen the impact of universal insurance and other risk capital regulatory information, but more important is the lack of market incremental funding, short-term action force is not enough. Because of the economic fundamentals in the recent state of stability, the overall profitability of listed companies is difficult to highlight at all, the insurance fund has become a passion placards in recent months A stock market a rare bright spot, and the strengthening of supervision, making investors begin to worry about the source of funds in the market further, become the last straw breaks the short-term A shares. However, from the actual trend, the A-share market is not weak compression A. After experiencing a rapid decline in the stock index in early trading, brokerage, steel plate under the support or hold the position, and began to counterattack in the afternoon. Although the stock did not receive the red all day long and left a downward gap, but the Shanghai and Shenzhen two stock index long under the lead, but also by means of strengthening the file to undertake efforts, the probability of short-term stock index fell Powei is not high! But from another point of view, the same Thursday down gap also have siphon effect on stock index certainly, the fastest will be back on Friday. A to 2950~3150 between the short-term breakthrough point and the possibility of the shock pattern is not the most likely structural market market trend is still within a narrow range, in this stage, light weight stock market is the most reasonable operation strategy. From the stock point of view, and how to find those who can cross the bull and bear the true growth stocks? Ping An Securities analyst Wei Wei strategy through the study found that over the past year, the NASDAQ bull stock is mainly divided into two categories: the first category is a clear moat "really has certain innovation and growth", this is the performance of stocks driving growth, such as Facebook, amazon. The second category is the traditional main industry is shrinking, but相关的主题文章:

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