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A baby indigestion Ma, do you really understand? Sohu – maternal infantile dyspeptic disease is the clinical symptoms of infants under 3 years old. The most common in the process of feeding, such as diarrhea, constipation, vomiting, abdominal distension, loss of appetite, which using milk fed babies more. There are two reasons for the baby indigestion many mothers because of the problem of milk powder indigestion. In fact, this is mainly caused by the baby’s own development and composition of milk powder caused by two reasons. One reason: the infant digestive organ development is not mature, such as enzyme digestion, the function is not perfect, the gastrointestinal tract mucosa and soft, such as improper feeding will damage the stomach, abdominal distension, diarrhea, milk appear dyspeptic symptoms. At the same time, the protein molecular formula is compared with the ordinary milk milk is too large, poor baby’s delicate digestive system decomposition, digestive ability of these proteins, increase the baby’s gastrointestinal burden, causing gastrointestinal dysfunction. Two reasons: the ordinary feeding of baby formula to dry stool, constipation, it is because the general formula 80% is milk as substrate preparation, and milk protein molecules as milk protein digesting and some formula formula is not reasonable, with a large proportion of casein is difficult to digest. The seven signs remind you of your baby indigestion, then the mother can be used to determine whether the baby is the emergence of indigestion? May wish to carefully observe whether the baby has the following symptoms. A sign: the baby showed Yinai, older children often have vomiting, not serious, vomit sour. Two symptoms: loss of appetite, abdominal distension, hyperactive bowel sounds, even without a stethoscope could be heard in the belly "grunt". Symptom three: bad breath. Lacteal dyspepsia in the stomach, often the first occurrence of bad breath, especially morning breath, pickled for milk and food stagnation, clinical called high indigestion. Symptom four: shit stink. With a little undigested food residue, although not dilute diarrhea, diarrhea has been threatened. Sign five: antifeedant. The baby to suck, suck or reduce. When the child accidentally had a loss of appetite, eat or not eat not sweet, indigestion. Symptoms six: diarrhea, vomiting often accompanied by abdominal pain. The baby is crying and the older child will complain. Abdominal pain is not severe, can alleviate. Symptom seven: the restless night. Tired of singing, playing palm heat, exposing the clothes, just sleep head sweating, eating too much stagnation and stomach heat, as the saying goes "the stomach and the restless night". WeChat public number: Baby parenting book (bbyuershu) 70% read the article, mom and dad are small and close to discuss practical reliable parenting knowledge can also receive a free electronic books to the public相关的主题文章:

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