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99 of the elderly at the collective wedding romantic wedding festival – Beijing to celebrate the upcoming 99 Double Ninth Festival, at noon yesterday, in Jinxian County Qinglan Lake Forest Park, 99 pairs of golden old from the county together, to participate in the "love in the Chongyang, golden list like love charity. The old people wear new wedding dress, early romantic festival. The old man wearing a wedding dress to celebrate the wedding yesterday in Jinxian County, an invigorating autumn climate in Qinglan lake, Forest Park yourenruzhi. From the Jinxian season Yili Volunteer Service Corps volunteers are arranged in "love in Chongyang, golden example of Love Charity site. Although there are more than 2 hours from the event, but an old man from Jinxian Wen Zhen Zhen early already dressed in beautiful wedding dresses and suits in the field. Reporters learned that the husband and wife of the elderly called Zhang Guanglong, 87 years old, his wife called Zou Guiying, this year, age of 81. Zhang Guanglong’s wearing a white shirt and black trousers, looks very spirit, to conceal inner excited when talking to reporters. "We have been married for 63 years, when the marriage is wearing rags, faring particularly hard, she never wore wedding dress." Zhang Guanglong said. The old man’s daughter Ms. Zhang said, in May she learned of the collective golden wedding ceremony, for two elderly people were reported. "I used to think that only young people get married when they wear wedding dresses, I did not expect to have the opportunity to wear a wedding dress, especially happy." Zou Guiying said with a smile. Zhang Guanglong looked at his wife and said, "you are the most beautiful today!" With time approaching noon, to participate in the activities of the elderly have rushed to the scene. The reporter saw, each an old woman wearing beautiful dress, wearing a crown, grandpa is wearing white shirt, black trousers, happy smile on every one of the old man’s face. Near 99 pairs of golden couple posing in the activities of the signature wall, the old man took the photo of his wife Hu Zhangliang Cao Jinmei and his family. Hu Zhangliang said happily, his 78 year old, 75 year old lover, two people have been married for 52 years, but two people belong to the childhood sweetheart, from the age of 8 is the students, until high school is. "I liked her since I was 8 years old, and it was not until I was 17." Remember the two love story, Hu Zhangliang old man talking, while Cao Jinmei was on the arm of her husband, cheeky shy. "At the time of the wedding, not through the wedding." Hu Zhangliang said, in this collective golden wedding, the couple is the most romantic thing in this life. "Wife, I love you!" Hu Zhangliang shook Cao Jinmei’s hand and said excitedly, "as she turned her head to one side, she could not keep her mouth shut," said Cao Jinmei. Participate in the activities of the elderly, the oldest is Lee from Jinxian, Guo Wenxi, 91 years old this year, his wife, Li Liuzai, at the age of 82, the two have been married for 65 years. In the golden carpet, Guo Wenxi hands holding a bouquet of flowers, one knee, first to a lover to marry him, Li Liu Tsai happily took the bouquet, her husband promised to marry him, his hands clutching his mouth laughing. Two old daughter said, although the parents are old, but the body is very good, every day figure相关的主题文章:

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