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95 after graduating students boarded the stage of the job: some people into the online record of the resume of the annual autumn recruitment has begun, the college graduates are actively involved in the fiery job candidates. Recently, the Ministry of human resources and social, the Ministry of Education jointly issued on the implementation of the employment of college graduates to promote entrepreneurship program notice, to further improve the employment of college graduates to start the work of the deployment. "95" after the first time this year, college students boarded the stage of their careers, job search skills what are the new features? This reporter conducted a survey interview. – held in Nanjing before the date of your resume more personalized 2017 college graduates of public welfare special recruitment meeting, some "after 95" online record, Taobao store experience on your resume, and get employers favor, causing public concern. "There are examples of this around me." School of business administration Hunan University senior Zhao Dan told reporters, "the last time I went to a business platform for the interview, see a girl in your resume is to introduce their own Taobao lists the shop owner, time, business, sales etc.. There is a classmate, usually like to play online games, when she was applying for the game company, resume into their deep experience of online games." As a student assistant in the enrollment and employment guidance at school Zhao Dan said, now the students resume will be more personalized and tailored according to the characteristics and requirements of the employer, highlighting their own hobbies and expertise. Human resources experts, Jiangsu Black & Decker human resources group vice president Jiang Wenrui believes that the graduates in the job when appropriate to highlight their own interests or is out of the ordinary experience, can make your resume more "chutiao". It should be noted that although people can resume production out of stereotypes, but not too much innovation, but not blindly follow the trend. In the city a wider choice "originally thought that this year the employment situation is not optimistic, a little worried about finding a job, but now has to get the admission notice of several units, that the work is not so hard to find." School of Journalism and communication, Wuhan University 2013 undergraduate week Kehan tells the story of his journey to the reporter job. Home in Hunan, Zhou Kehan, looking for a job target cities both Beijing, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, and Changsha, Wuhan, Nanjing, etc.. Before you want to go to the first tier cities, and now more and more students to relax the scope of the choice, the two or three lines of urban living costs are relatively low, the development of all aspects is also good." Zhou Zhou said. According to a mobile Internet recruitment platform released the "2016 Graduate Employment Competitiveness Report", only 36% of the graduates want to go north of Guangzhou Shenzhen, compared to 3 51% years ago has decreased significantly, while Hangzhou, Nanjing, Chengdu, Wuhan and other "new first-tier cities", attract talents are rising rapidly. A lot of students are indeed favored ‘new first tier cities’, as far as I am concerned, the main consideration of the future development prospects of the city." Zhao Dan said, although I am from the northeast, but I am willing to work in the south. For example, Changsha, studying here for a few years, I feel the city is very dynamic, is a good job choice." In the pioneering spirit of popular with the rise of public entrepreneurship peoples innovation boom, entrepreneurship has become college graduates.相关的主题文章:

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