9 Reasons Why Rayzz(youtube Clone) Is Better Than Vshare-diying

Computers-and-Technology In an online video world, hundreds of new video sharing scripts appear every day. Due to an increase in competition among them, they have started offering new features for attracting more members. But some video sharing scripts miss the essential features that are necessary to satisfy the members. Here we compare two video sharing scripts: vshare and Rayzz, and which one best attracts and satisfies the members. Templates: Rayzz script offers smart web templates. These templates are completely customizable and ready-to-use and can be downloaded instantly. Using the templates you can give a unique, intuitive and professional look for the site. It saves time and money, as it was developed to suit the Rayzz script, while Vshare provides fewer templates compared to Rayzz. Article: We all know how important articles are. Through articles users can share information about anything and establish themselves as an expert among members. Rayzz allow its members to post articles about any topic and share them with the public or among a specific group. It is no secret that an online business needs constant traffic to their site to stay in business. Rayzz lets members post articles with informative content. Ultimately, the site will reach the targeted traffic, and instantly get a high page rank in search engines, while Vshare lacks this important feature. Blog: Blogs are used to express the opinions and observations of a particular person. Rayzz lets members post about any topic, such as description of events, news items, stories etc, while Vshare has failed to include this feature. Ads: Rayzz allows users to put flashy banner ads on their site, and make money. It also lets users display ads on video. Vshare doesn’t have this facility. Audio: "Without music there is no life". Music has become a part of everyone’s life as it calms their mind and helps them relax. This lively feature is missing in Vshare. Rayzz lets members upload their favorite music on the site, and share them with their friends and also controls access of the audio to public or other members of the site. Having a high quality audio is a good way to make your site more accessible to visually impaired web surfers. Photo: Rayzz offers a platform to share uploaded photos with other members, friends, or even public according to their requirement. Members can also keep a track of how many times his image has been viewed by other members. Also Rayzz enables users to comment on other individuals’ photos, and allow others to comment on their photos, while Vshare doesn’t have this option. Customization: Complete customization helps webmasters get a unique site with required features. By using Rayzz, webmasters can customize their site by changing its appearance and controlling the display of modules without using other applications or coding. But Vshare lacks this tremendous feature. Multilanguage support: Supporting Multilanguage is one of the most important features which Vshare lacks. Rayzz supports the languages desired by the webmasters. Restriction on ratings and comments: Rayzz enables the users to restrict the ratings and comments on their video. But Vshare lacks this cool feature. Conclusion: Now you can guess which script is best for you. If you are looking for an elite video sharing script, Rayzz is an ideal choice for you. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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