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Photography Sometimes it’s easy to forget that there are other brands beyond the big two of Canon and Nikon. However hard Sony tries to break into the market, it still feels very much like consumer electronics rather than professional equipment other than the A900/A850 but the stigma still applies. Pentax of course has a rich history in the camera world and when they are not playing all the colours in the rainbow, they do have some decent offerings. The Pentax K-5 is one of them and it’s interesting to see how it matches against the Nikon D7000. Nikon D7000 vs. Pentax K-5 – The Key Differences When I first saw the announcement of the Pentax K-5, I was immediately pleased that Pentax was not going to sell me this camera by offering me a ludicrous range of colours. What’s more, on closer inspection, the K-5 offers a set of very decent specs which are basically matching those of the Nikon D7000. Some of the key differences are: AF system – The Nikon has a new AF system which offers 39 AF points which is a big step up from the Nikon D90 as well as the Pentax K-5. Both offer 9 cross-types sensors in the centre so it’s not a landslide victory for the D7000. Furthermore, being a new AF system, it will take some serious field testing of the production version before we can categorically affirm it, even if Nikon has a better reputation than the often erroneous Canon. Burst Speed – While the Nikon is slower with a 6fps burst speed against the 7fps of the Pentax, the D7000 can go on like forever (over 15s) in burst mode shooting JPEGs while the K-5 can only manage about 3s. Again, it will depend on what kind of shooting you do. Will you actually keep the shutter pressed for long or would you like a little more speed in a shorter burst? HD movie – Although the K-5 offers Full HD in 25fps, that’s the only we can say for it when the D7000 offers more frame rates in 720p quality as well as the AF-F in movie focusing feature. ISO Sensitivity – Nikon may have started the game for obscenely high ISO sensitivity range in their DSLR but in this case, they are probably saving the higher numbers for the next model up. Still very formidable by any standards, the expanded ISO 25600 of the D7000 gets trumped by the extra stop of the k-5 at ISO 51200. However, the image quality of the images at those settings will be the real decider for this point so the Pentax fans out there should not be celebrating just yet… Memory Card slots – Still probably one of the most useful feature (for the more serious shooter anyway) in many DSLR models would be the dual card slot. Nikon is the only brand that is offering this feature in its non professional bodies and against the single slot of the Pentax K-5,the D7000 is the clear winner. Furthermore, the support of SDXC cards on the Nikon D7000 is likely to help increase its product life as well. Weather Sealing – Now both the Nikon and Pentax are being sold with decent weather sealing but perhaps the Pentax is a touch better. In this case though, my opinion may be biased through the marketing of Pentax and their stressing of their 77 weather seals. Maybe I should get Kai to do another durability test on these two cameras to be sure. The Price Difference! – In today’s world, there aren’t too many people who could say this does not matter. With a SRP price tag of about US$400 cheaper on the Nikon D7000, I can’t honest see who would buy the K-5. Sure, it’s a great camera but I know what accessories I would be better off investing in with the price savings I could make. So I guess the winner would be the Nikon D7000. Still, SRP don’t really mean much anymore so we will have to wait for the actual market price when both are available. Pentax, if you are reading this, please reduce the price to below that of the D7000and I’ll .e back and look again. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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