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Hardware If you are ready to purchase a plasma HDTV it is then also time for you to have sufficient information available regarding all aspects of such television sets so as to be in a better position to make a more informed decision. One aspect that needs to be addressed very carefully, the plasma screen HDTV needs to be understood perfectly before actually selecting your HDTV plasma set. Radically Different Technologies The first thing that will hit you in regard to understanding more about the plasma screen HDTV is that plasma display technologies are radically different than was the case with the traditional Cathode Ray Tube monitors. This means that with any kind of plasma screen HDTV you can be assured of getting more richness of color and also better color accuracy and in addition the displays are also flat and not very thick. This thinness and flatness in the plasma screen HDTV ensure that you can hang your plasma HDTV set on the wall. And, each such screen incorporates a technology known as ‘plasmavision’ that consists of arrays of cells (pixels) that are made up of three sub-pixels that correspond to each of the colors: green and blue and red. Each plasma screen HDTV uses gas which reacts with phosphors contained in the sub-pixels and which produce lights of the three colors: red, green and blue. Of course, there is no real difference in the phosphors found in a plasma screen HDTV and those found in Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) monitors. However, because in a plasma screen HDTV the sub-pixels can be controlled individually through use of advanced electronics you stand to get more than sixteen million different colors and this in turn ensures more vibrant colors as well as sharper and clearer images. Of course, plasma screen HDTV technologies are not all that new and have been around since the sixties. It is in fact only quite recently that these technologies have .e to the fore and only after the popularity of plasma HDTVs really caught fire with the paying public. The bottom line is that a plasma screen HDTV is really a TV monitor that can display true high definition images as well as ordinary television signals and even all kinds of video signals. In addition, it can also double up as a .puter monitor and can do all the things that regular .puter monitors can do. It’s just that a plasma screen HDTV does everything better and it is bigger as well. Even if you are thinking about only buying a cheap HDTV you will still do well to first understand more about all the different technologies being used in HDTVs. Sometimes, confusion regarding certain features found in a HDTV can lead you to make the wrong decisions. So, even if means expending a little extra effort you should make sure that you are well informed about all things related to the HDTV; and only then start looking for various options. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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