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Business These reasons are in not particular order by the way. I am going to ask that you take a look at each one and really ask yourself if any applies to you. Not just ask the question but decide what you are going to do about it to create success for yourself, your business, or your business idea: Not believing in your own ability to succeed If you struggle to believe that you can be successful, that, to me, is the greatest failure point of all. When you do not believe in yourself, your abilities, your human potential, you tend to sabotage your own success. You remain stuck in self-limiting beliefs. When you think about hugely successful, are you shrouded in doubt or positive expectation? What will you do this week to move in the direction of positive expectation? There is no shortage of books, audio, etc for embarking on a transformation in your mindset and beliefs regarding the limitless success you can most definitely have. Allowing fear to stop you Of all the successful entrepreneurs I’ve studied, they all experience fear at some level. The hugely successful entrepreneurs are the ones who feel the fear and do it anyway. Think about the acronym F.E.A.R. False Experiences Appearing Real. Often what goes on in our mind is FAR greater than reality. What fear is stopping you? What will you do this week to move past it? Allowing failure to stop you If you are living and breathing, failure is inevitable. Some people live their lives avoiding failure, while others allow failure to be.e a teacher and instructor. Which category are you in? The learners of failure rise up with greater strength and knowledge for the next challenge or opportunity ahead. You can shift your thoughts from the failure itself and instead focus on what you can learn from the failure and how you can put that learning to good use going forward. Where is your focus when failure happens — on the failure or on the learning? What will you choose to focus on next time failure hits? Going it alone This is huge. With regard to the business that you are in or the one that you hope to start, who are your mentors and like-minded people you can gather with weekly or monthly. I’d highly re.mend that you begin to meet regularly with like-minded people. Find groups that can hold you accountable and groups that be.e a source of ideas for your business as well. Our Inner Circle was created with that need in mind. If you cannot join ours, find something in your .munity. I belong to at least 3 different groups of entrepreneurs that I meet with regularly and I attribute a great deal of my success to that kind of interaction and involvement. Do not ever go into business alone. Figure out what groups or associations you will join and get into conversation with successful people on a regular basis. Not investing in your learning and growth I never stop learning. I am usually reading 2-3 books at a time and I’m in 2-4 teleseminars for my own learning every week. You don’t need to do exactly what I’m doing. However, my question for you is "What are you pouring into your mind weekly regarding your business or business idea?" If your business is to succeed, you must have a source of continued learning regarding business success. There is no shortage of material in that category. Start feeding your mind with a steady diet of what it takes to be successful. Go to the bookstore or the library and get what you need. Never stop learning. To stop learning is to stop growing. I’ve never met a successful entrepreneur who wasn’t constantly investing in their own growth and learning. Talk vs Action This is one criteria for remarkable success that I cannot stress enough. I meet so many people who receive countless opportunities and ideas to create success in their businesses. And they choose do nothing. It’s a choice. And it’s often a choice because of #1 above. When opportunity crosses my desk, I jump on it. It may fail, but that doesn’t matter, at least I tried. I took action. Massive action is a success ingredient that I picked up from hugely successful entrepreneurs. They don’t sit around analyzing for very long. They are always in action–daily, weekly, monthly. What business ideas have you acted upon in the last week? Set a goal for yourself to move your business forward by specific daily or weekly actions that will do precisely that for you–move you forward. And that movement forward will spurn you into even more action and therefore more success. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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