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Indonesian Minister of Tourism: Chinese economic slowdown does not affect tourists to Indonesia Indonesia’s minister of Tourism: China economic slowdown will not affect tourists travel to Indonesia Indonesia Tourism Minister Arif? Yahya (right) 26 to accept the Chinese media interview said that China encountered the economic slowdown will China for tourists to Indonesia tourism impact. Gu Shihong photo Beijing, 2 26, Jakarta (Xin Yutong) Indonesia Tourism Minister Arif · said Yahya 26; accept the Chinese media interview, China currently encountered economic slowdown will China for tourists to Indonesia tourism impact. Arif said, Chinese as one of the world’s most important economies, currently experiencing a slowdown in economic growth, but the growth of the world economy China is still the main driving force, this is only a temporary situation, but compared to most countries in the world, China economic growth remains a considerable speed, this did not affect Chinese tourists travel to indonesia. "There are nearly one hundred million people to travel abroad China now every year, only 1 million people in Indonesia, we can attract 2 million visitors in 2016 China travel to Indonesia, which accounted for only 2% of the overall number of travel only, I am very confident to achieve the target." Arif said that Bali Island is a famous tourist island in Indonesia, attracting 78% Chinese tourists to Indonesia every year, and the Indonesian tourism ministry is actively improving the tourist experience of Chinese tourists in Bali Island, striving to provide the best service. Arif said: "we like to China tourists do targeted research, then our primary task is to cooperate with the Department of tourism management Chinese, to provide better quality Chinese tour guide service, to introduce visitors to the cultural history of Bali Island, in the tourism facilities we should perfect beach, to provide better service. In addition to Chinese tourists love overseas shopping habits we are considering to open more duty-free shops; the most important is to provide more suitable China visitors to taste the food and beverage service." When it comes to in recent years, the Indonesian Ministry of tourism launched the "wonderful Indonesia" theme tourism promotion activities, Arif welcomed Chinese investors to participate more in tourism investment projects in Indonesia, Indonesia to jointly develop the rich tourism resources and market, to provide more and better services for tourists. (Editor) editor in chief: Ni Zijian

印尼旅游部长:中国经济减速不影响游客赴印尼   原标题:印尼旅游部长:中国的经济减速不会影响游客赴印尼旅行      印尼旅游部长阿里夫?叶赫亚(右)26日接受中国媒体专访时表示,中国目前所遇到的经济增长放缓的情况不会对中国游客赴印尼旅游产生影响。 顾时宏 摄   中新网雅加达2月26日电(辛雨桐)印尼旅游部长阿里夫·叶赫亚26日接受中国媒体专访时表示,中国目前所遇到的经济增长放缓的情况不会对中国游客赴印尼旅游产生影响。   阿里夫表示,中国作为世界最重要的经济体之一,目前遇到了经济增长放缓的情况,但中国仍然是世界经济增长最主要的推动力量,这只是暂时地困境,而且相对于世界上绝大多数国家,中国的经济增长依然保持着可观的速度,这丝毫不会影响中国游客赴印尼旅游。   “中国现在每年有近一亿人次出国旅游,其中只有100万人赴印尼,我们一样能够在2016年吸引200万中国游客前往印尼旅游,这也只占总体出行人数的2%而已,我对此目标的实现非常有信心。”   阿里夫表示,巴厘岛做为印尼知名的旅游岛,每年吸引着78%的赴印尼旅游的中国游客,而印尼旅游部也在积极改善中国游客在巴厘岛的旅游体验,争取能够提供最好的服务。   阿里夫说:“我们对中国游客的喜好做了有针对性的研究,接下来我们首要的任务是与中国旅游管理部门合作,以提供质量更好的中文导游服务,向游客介绍巴厘岛的文化历史,在旅游设施上我们要更加完善海滨沙滩,提供更好的服务。另外针对中国游客喜欢境外购物的习惯我们也在考虑增开更多的免税商店;最重要的是提供更适合中国游客口味的餐饮服务。”   在谈到近年来印尼旅游部推出的“精彩印尼”主题旅游推介活动时,阿里夫表示欢迎更多的中国投资者参与印尼的旅游投资项目,共同开发印尼丰富的旅游资源和市场,为游客提供更多地选择和更完善地服务。(完) 责任编辑:倪子牮相关的主题文章:

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