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The girl was expelled from kindergarten to complaints do not know the undocumented Strait news network October 29th because of "active" (Haidu reporter Zhao Yang) daughter in September at the Yongtai landscape international kindergarten, the two day was too "active" is discouraging. Yesterday, Fuzhou Chen Yongtai County Education Bureau for help, but unexpectedly, the original landscape of Yongtai International Kindergarten without approval, is actually an unlicensed kindergarten. Mr. Chen said, he worked in Fuzhou, Yongtai city is the peak of human love. In September this year, her daughter was taken to love the people next to the Yongtai landscape international kindergarten classes to read. Unexpectedly, the two months, the kindergarten suddenly told Mr. Chen couple, their daughter move too much, no way to management, let it drop out. "Said the children love to jump down from the table." Mr. Chen said that his daughter had read the kindergarten in Fuzhou, and there is no similar action. Although full of puzzled, but Mr. Chen had to handle the formalities of drop out, returned one hundred yuan tuition. Mr. Chen then went to Yongtai County Education Bureau complaints, I hope the education departments in coordination. Unexpectedly, he learned from the Yongtai County Education Bureau staff mouth, Yongtai landscape international kindergarten is undocumented kindergarten, he immediately ignorant. At noon yesterday, the reporter contacted the person in charge of the Yongtai landscape international kindergarten, the kindergarten is very busy, let the reporter contact in the afternoon. Reporters at the time of contact again, which also said is on a business trip, not empty of the incident response. Yongtai County Education Bureau Director Chen Weiqiang said in an interview with reporters yesterday, Yongtai landscape international kindergarten this year to start a new kindergarten, Education Bureau has joint police and fire departments to check and found the kindergarten is unsafe, did not get the license issued by the fire department fire. So the relevant formalities of Yongtai landscape international kindergarten is not complete, without approval, belong to unlicensed kindergarten. The Education Bureau has repeatedly urged the kindergarten, issued a rectification notice, ordered its rectification. Chen Weiqiang also said that the requirements of kindergarten children dropped out, certainly is not allowed. He said, in the regular kindergarten, Education Bureau has control means, dare not arbitrarily expel students, so I do not recommend parents let children to undocumented nursery school. (the > network);

女童因“好动”被幼儿园开除 欲投诉才知其无证海峡网10月29日讯(海都记者 赵杨)女儿9月就读永泰山水国际幼儿园,这两天却因太“好动”被劝退。昨日,福州的陈先生到永泰县教育局求助,却意外得知,原来永泰山水国际幼儿园未经审批许可,其实是一个无证幼儿园。陈先生说,他在福州工作,爱人是永泰城峰人。今年9月,女儿被送到爱人家旁边的永泰山水国际幼儿园读中班。不料,上了两个月,前日幼儿园突然告诉陈先生夫妻俩,他们的女儿太好动了,没办法管理,让其退学。“说小朋友喜欢从桌子上跳下来等等。”陈先生说,自己的女儿此前在福州读幼儿园,并没有类似的举动。虽然满腹不解,但陈先生也只能无奈办理了退学手续,退了一百多元的学费。陈先生随后到永泰县教育局投诉,希望教育部门能介入协调。不料,他却从永泰县教育局工作人员嘴里得知,永泰山水国际幼儿园是无证幼儿园,他当即懵了。昨日中午,记者联系了永泰山水国际幼儿园的负责人,该园长却表示很忙,让记者下午联系。记者下午再次与其联系时,其又表示正在出差,没空对该事件回应。永泰县教育局局长陈维强昨日接受记者采访时说,永泰山水国际幼儿园是今年新开办的幼儿园,教育局也曾联合公安、消防等部门前往检查,发现幼儿园尚存在安全隐患,未拿到消防部门颁发的消防许可证。所以永泰山水国际幼儿园的相关手续尚不完备,未经审批许可,属于无证幼儿园。教育局也多次督促该幼儿园,发放整改通知书,责令其限期整改。陈维强也表示,幼儿园要求幼儿退学,肯定也是不允许的。他说,在正规的幼儿园,教育局有管控手段,不敢这样随意开除学生,所以不建议家长让幼儿到无证幼儿园就学。(海峡网)>相关的主题文章:

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