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Next month the two subjects three subjects at the same time the Ministry of transport, Ministry of public security recently jointly issued a notice, the new "motor vehicle driver training and teaching and exam outline" (hereinafter referred to as the new "Outline") implemented since October 1st, the 2012 edition of the syllabus will be abolished at the same time. After the implementation of the new "Outline", what changes will the readers take for the driver’s license? In the future, the C1 certificate is less than 16 hours. Compared with the old and new "Outline", the Chongqing evening news reporter found that the total class hours of C1 and C2 certificates in the new syllabus are 62 hours and 60 hours respectively, which are 16 and 18 hours shorter than the 2012 edition syllabus requirements. Compared with the current syllabus, the new syllabus improves the actual operation training hours. The new syllabus stipulates two subjects and 40 classes, and the two of the current syllabus is 26 hours. In addition, the new syllabus reduces the required hours of safety and civilized driving from 16 hours to 10 hours. Subjects two subjects three can learn a new outline, pointed out that road traffic safety laws, regulations and safe and civilized driving common sense teaching, can take multimedia, remote network, traffic safety experience and many other ways, greatly facilitate the students learning. In addition, the new outline also stipulates that safe and civilized driving common sense teaching should be crossed with road driving teaching; basic and field driving and road driving can be cross trained. In a driving school coach where the master said: "this means that, unlike before driving training, according to the subjects one or two, three this order of training, but two subjects, three subjects with learning, let students better grasp the skills of driving." Training mileage is not less than 300 kilometers, Chongqing evening news reporter also found that the new "Outline" stipulates: the provinces should be based on the actual training of the quasi driving vehicle mileage to make the relevant requirements, but the minimum not less than 300 kilometers. This is also the first outline of driving training syllabus for training mileage. "The journey of 300 kilometers sounds difficult, but it’s very simple." He said that if the coaches and trainees put the hours in place, it would be easy to finish 300 kilometers. 300 kilometers down, students driving feel also easy to train up. Chongqing evening news trainee reporter Zhang Liufeng video only for extended reading, and this article has nothing to do with the new version of "motor vehicle driving training teaching and examination outline" formally implemented since October 1st

下月起 科目二科目三可同时学了交通运输部、公安部日前联合下发通知称,新《机动车驾驶培训教学与考试大纲》(下称新《大纲》)10月1日起施行,2012年版考试大纲同时废止。新《大纲》实施后,读者考驾照会有哪些变化?今后学C1证少了16学时重庆晚报记者对比新旧《大纲》发现,新《大纲》中C1、C2证总学时分别为62学时和60学时,比目前施行的2012版大纲要求分别少了16和18学时。与现行大纲相比,新《大纲》提高了实际操作培训学时。新《大纲》规定科目二40学时,现行大纲科目二是26学时。此外,新《大纲》对安全文明驾驶常识学时要求由16学时下调为10学时。科目二科目三可一起学新《大纲》指出,道路交通安全法律、法规和安全文明驾驶常识教学,可采取多媒体、远程网络、交通安全体验等多种方式,大大方便了学员学习。另外新《大纲》还规定,安全文明驾驶常识教学应与道路驾驶教学交叉融合;基础和场地驾驶与道路驾驶可交叉训练。主城一家驾校教练何师傅说:“这就意味着,驾考培训可不像从前一样,按科目一、二、三这种顺序培训,而是科目二、科目三一起学,让学员更好把握驾驶技能。”培训里程不少于300公里重庆晚报记者还发现,新《大纲》规定:各省区应根据实际对各准驾车型培训里程做出相关要求,但最低不得少于300公里。这也是驾培考试大纲首次对培训里程作出规定。“行程300公里听起来很难,但其实很简单。”何教练说,如果教练和学员对学时落实到位,300公里其实很容易完成。300公里开下来,学员驾驶手感也容易培养起来。 重庆晚报见习记者 张刘峰视频仅供延伸阅读,与本文无关 新版《机动车驾驶培训教学与考试大纲》10月1号起正式施行相关的主题文章:

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