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Wuhan wanted flight 3 years of Pro heart resection of the evening he was arrested – visit Sohu Xinhua News Agency Wuhan February 11th news (reporter Feng Guodong) Wuhan wanted criminals Cai flight 3 years after the birth of her daughter has not seen her daughter, did not visit family. New year’s Eve, eager to return home to visit Cai Mousi pro, quietly for three years to take care of her daughter’s parents, just the door was a good ambush police arrested. The day before, CAI in the interrogation room to shed tears of repentance. He told the police, "I will be caught, not as early as possible to surrender, and family reunion." In November 25, 2012, CAI to debtor Chen beg for debt in Wuhan District of Caidian. In a case of no avail, Cai pulled out a folding knife prepared, toward Chen who stabbed 26 knife. After forensic identification, Chen suffered serious injuries. After the incident, the Caidian police arrested after Wuhan organize special classes Cai Cai, but since after the incident disappeared, even when my daughter was born did not go home. Her daughter has been taken care of by her parents. In January this year, the police found through the inquiry, Cai wife bought a car, often in Wuhan city access. Access to organize a large number of video data, police found the driver in a man and herself, is likely to be cai. At 17 on February 7th, police found Cai drove from Wuhan to Caidian. Police analysis, Cai may in the Spring Festival adventure to visit family, so the organization of police ambush in Zhang Wan Street Caidian district official village near the house of his father-in-law, eventually arrested the cai. According to Cai account, after the incident, he has been in Wuhan. Because he was afraid of being discovered by the police, he worked for a small restaurant with no ID card. For three years, he had not seen his 3 year old daughter, Nor visited his parents. I thought the police would forget about it, and I was caught before I got home.

武汉一通缉犯外逃3年 思亲心切除夕夜探亲被抓-搜狐新闻  新华社武汉2月11日专电(记者冯国栋)武汉被通缉的案犯蔡某外逃3年,自女儿出生后就未曾见过女儿,也没有探望家人。今年除夕,蔡某思亲心切,悄悄返乡探望三年来照顾女儿的岳父母,刚到家门口就被设伏好的民警抓获。日前,蔡某在审讯室流下忏悔的眼泪。他告诉民警,“早知会被抓,还不如趁早自首,早日和家人团圆。”   2012年11月25日,蔡某在武汉蔡甸区向欠债人陈某讨要债务。在讨债无果的情况下,蔡某拿出事先准备好的折叠刀,朝陈某身上刺了26刀。后经法医鉴定,陈某受重伤。   案发后,武汉蔡甸警方组织专班抓追蔡某,但蔡某自案发后就没了踪影,即便是女儿出生时也没回家。其女一直由岳父母照顾。今年1月,警方通过查询发现,蔡某妻子购置了一辆小汽车,经常在武汉市区出入。在调阅整理了大量视频资料后,民警发现驾驶员除她本人外还有一男子,极有可能是蔡某。   2月7日17时,警方发现蔡某驱车从武汉市区来到了蔡甸。民警分析,蔡某可能会在春节时冒险探望家人,于是组织警力在蔡甸区张湾街官塘村其岳父家附近设下了埋伏,最终将蔡某抓获。   据蔡某交代,案发后,他一直在武汉东躲西藏。由于怕被警察发现,他专门找不需要身份证的小餐馆打工。三年来,他没有见过自己3岁的女儿,也没有探望岳父母。本以为警方会将这件事忘记,没想到还没到家就被抓了。相关的主题文章:

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