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The cheapest smartphone in India is priced at about 24 yuan (pictured): the cheapest smartphone in India is priced at about 24 yuan (Figure), the cheapest smartphone in India. Beijing, February (Xinhua) 18, according to foreign media reports, India, a company launched the world’s cheapest smart phones, a single price of less than 4 U.S. dollars, cheaper than ordinary subway fast-food. This means that you can buy a mobile phone for only 24 rmb. According to reports, a mobile phone company in India launched ultra-low cost smart phones, each price of 251 rupees, or about 24 yuan. That’s half cheaper than India’s cheapest mobile phone. The name of the phone is "free 251", using Android 5.1 system, equipped with 4 inches screen and 1.3G processor, before and after each with a lens, respectively 300 thousand and 3 million 200 thousand pixels. The company claims that freedom 251 was developed with the support of prime minister Modi of India. Since Modi came to power, he promoted the "made in India", hoping to enter the international market with high level products. Editor in chief: Ni Zijian

印度研发最便宜智能手机 售价约24元人民币(图)   原标题:印度研发最便宜智能手机 售价约24人民币(图)    印度研发的最便宜的智能手机。   中新网2月18日电 据外媒报道,印度一家公司推出全球最廉价智能型手机,单个售价不到4美元,比普通的地铁快餐还要便宜。这意味着只需24元人民币就能买一部手机。   据报道,印度一家手机公司推出超低价智能型手机,每支售价251卢比,约合人民币24元。这比印度目前最便宜的手机,还要便宜一半。   这款手机名称是“自由251”,使用Android 5.1系统,配备4英寸屏幕以及1.3G的处理器,前后各有一个镜头,分别为30万以及320万像素。   这家公司声称,“自由251”是在印度总理莫迪大力支持下研发出来的。因为莫迪上台后,推动“印度制造”,希望以高水平的产品,打入国际市场。 责任编辑:倪子牮相关的主题文章:

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