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"The new song" finals win Jiang Dunhao Wang Feng champion mentor Tencent entertainment news (Wen Yamei) the evening of October 7th, "China new song" annual finals live in the nest, Jay Chou Na Ying, to the ocean marine corps Chenrui Wang Li Pei Ling, Wang Feng Xu Geyang, Harlem Yu Yang Meina Jiang Dunhao Marine Corps six trainees for the bird’s nest, Jiang Dunhao won the final the end of the three years, Wang Feng eventually became a champion mentor with run. Finals, blind selection has been replaced by Li Yong’s "Chinese China good tongue back, but compared with last year, the finalists of the students add a total of four people, two male and six female students to enter the stadium the pinnacle of the night. Wang Feng and Na Ying each have two trainees promotion, Na Ying ridicule, "tactically, one goes down, there is another, the chances of winning more."". The final three rounds, the first round is the teachers and students chorus, Wang Feng master three chorus adapted version of "full", adding "purchasing new song lyrics such as" sound of the current hot topic is quite new. The folk teenager Jiang Dunhao didn’t have my eyes closed, but Professor Wang Feng unable to restrain the emotions close your eyes, and always in the green jacket with jeans Xu Geyang for a new shape. Before the vote, Wang Feng tutors read the students’ voting numbers and canvassing for them. "Tonight they will represent the dream team and restore the colors of their dreams."". The second round of individual show links, will continue to sing folk songs of Jiang Dunhao Lyric route, singing Wang Feng’s "River", as in the past his guitar playing, the audience vote, Jiang Dunhao and yang to champion finalists candidates, four other participants eliminated, stop six. At the end of the championship link, Wang Feng Jiang Dunhao sang another song masterpiece "window", finally the media 47 votes, 59852 votes to win the audience, this is the last year of Zhang Lei after winning the second championship, folk.

《新歌声》总决赛蒋敦豪夺冠 汪峰成冠军导师 腾讯娱乐讯(文 亚美)10月7日晚,《中国新歌声》年度总决赛在鸟巢现场直播,周杰伦战队向洋、那英战队汪晨蕊李佩玲、汪峰战队蒋敦豪徐歌阳、庾澄庆战队杨美娜等六强学员角逐鸟巢,最终蒋敦豪夺冠,汪峰结束三年陪跑终成冠军导师。总决赛上,盲选至今一直被李咏取代的“中国好舌头”华少又回来了,而与去年相比,入围决赛的学员增加一人,共有四女两男六位学员进入鸟巢巅峰之夜。汪峰和那英各有两位学员晋级,那英调侃,“从战术上讲,一个下去了还有一个,夺冠几率更大”。总决赛分三轮进行,第一轮是导师和学员合唱,汪峰师徒三人合唱改编版《满》,歌词加入“代购新歌声”等当下热门话题,颇有新意。民谣少年蒋敦豪这次没闭眼睛,反倒是汪峰导师情不自禁闭上眼,而一贯军绿色短褂配牛仔裤的徐歌阳也换了新造型。接受投票前,汪峰导师亲自念出学员的投票编号,并为他们拉票,“今晚他们将代表梦之队还原梦的颜色”。第二轮个人主秀环节,民谣唱将蒋敦豪继续抒情路线,演唱汪峰的《河流》,他一如既往背着吉他上场,经现场观众投票,蒋敦豪和向洋入围冠军候选人,其他四位学员淘汰,止步六强。最后冠军争夺环节,蒋敦豪演唱汪峰另一首代表作《窗台》,最终得媒体47票,观众59852票夺冠,这也是继去年张磊夺冠后,第二个民谣冠军。相关的主题文章:

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