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National civil service examination registration   from the Ming Dynasty; Hubei recruit 892 people – Hubei Channel – People’s original title: national civil service exam registration, 2017 national civil service examination officially launched yesterday. The recruitment of a total of more than 120 central organs and their subordinate institutions and refer to the civil service law management units to participate in, plans to recruit more than 2.7 people, the number of recruiting and last year basically flat, Hubei region recruited 551 jobs 892 people, of which Wuhan recruited 140 jobs 212 people. There are many new changes in the national examination this year. The analysis of Hubei Hua education experts, this year the number of test object has the grass-roots work experience increased from 10% to 15%, which would allow more service expires, assessment of qualified college-graduate village official, "three help" plan, "rural compulsory education school teachers ad hoc jobs plan, GWP and other grass-roots project personnel into the post office; the lingua franca position this year added into Portuguese, 8 kinds of non language, learning a foreign language so that more candidates have entered the public service team; this year also added a police post in the announcement clearly required to participate in the professional examination subjects. According to China public education statistics show that in 2017, the national civil service examination in Hubei recruited 552 jobs, a total of 892 people. The number of recruited people declined slightly compared with 2016 (912 people). Among them, the Hubei state tax bureau recruited the most, reached 297 Posts 580 people, followed by Wuhan Railway Public Security Bureau recruited 38 jobs 75 people, third is the Yangtze River Maritime Bureau recruited 32 jobs 52 people. There is a certain tightening trend in the application of professional restrictions, not limited to professional posts only recruit 14 people, large class enrollment is also very small, the vast majority of posts have clear professional restrictions. Among them, most of the recruitment of economics related professional, reaching 373 people, followed by accounting professional, reaching 351 people, third is journalism, reaching 155 people. In the past, the more popular law and computer professional in about 100 people. From the level of education, the most recruiting is undergraduate education, recruiting 730 people. The least is the graduate (limited to the doctor), only recruit 22 people. Undergraduate education is still the most popular level of education in most departments. It is reported that the examinee registration mainly adopts the network registration way, registration time is from October 15 to 24, 2016. Written examination of public subjects is scheduled to be held in November 27, 2016 in the capital cities, autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the central government and some large cities. In mid January 2017 announced the written exam, interview work completed before the end of March, before the end of April to complete physical examination. (reporter Zhang Ge) (commissioning editor Zhang Pei and Zhang Jun) 国家公务员考试明起报名 湖北招892人–湖北频道–人民网 原标题:国家公务员考试 明起报名   2017年国家公务员考试昨日正式启动。本次招录共有120多个中央机关及其直属机构和参照公务员法管理的单位参加,计划招录2.7万余人,招录人数与去年基本持平,湖北地区招录551个岗位892人,其中武汉招录140个岗位212人。   今年国考较往年有不少新变化。湖北华图教育专家分析,今年考试对象具有基层工作经验的人数从10%增加到15%,这样会让更多服务期满、考核合格的大学生村官、“三支一扶”计划、“农村义务教育阶段学校教师特设岗位计划”、“大学生志愿服务西部计划”等服务基层项目人员进入到公职岗位中;非通用语职位今年新增葡萄牙语,变为8种非通用语,让更多学习外语的考生有了进入公职队伍的机会;今年还新增了公安机关人民警察的职位,在公告中明确要求参加专业科目考试。   据中公教育统计数据显示,2017年国家公务员考试湖北地区招录552个岗位共892人。招录人数与2016年(912人)相比略有下降。其中湖北国家税务局招录最多,达到297个岗位580人,其次是武汉铁路公安局招录38个岗位75人,第三位是长江海事局招录32个岗位52人。   报考专业限制方面呈现出一定的收紧趋势,不限制专业的岗位仅招录14人,大类招生也非常少,绝大部分岗位有明确的专业限制。其中招录最多的是经济学相关专业,达到373人,其次是财会类专业,达到351人,第三是新闻专业,达到155人。而以往比较热门的法学和计算机专业都在100人左右。   从学历层次来看,招录最多的是本科学历,招录730人。最少的是研究生(仅限博士),只招录22人。本科仍然是大多数部门最青睐的学历层次。   据悉,考生报名主要采取网络报名的方式,报名时间为2016年10月15日至24日。公共科目笔试定于2016年11月27日在全国各省会城市、自治区首府、直辖市和个别较大的城市同时举行。2017年1月中旬公布笔试成绩,3月底前完成面试工作,4月底前完成体检考察。(记者章鸽) (责编:张沛、张隽)相关的主题文章:

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