Luneng executives did not hear the transfer rumors Usire to move to China-捷安特xtc750

Luneng high-level response transfer rumours: never heard of Usire to move the Chinese foreign aid Usire Luneng Ji’nan Qilu network news November 11th (Shandian sports Xu Kaihua intern reporter Zhao Xianzhe) according to Brazil news media today, Shandong Luneng team Luneng from Asian foreign aid Usire might move to Hebei Huaxia happiness, said that China happiness has expressed interest in the former Brazil international, but Luneng high-level interview time denied the news. Objectively speaking, Usire last season Luneng in the team’s overall performance is not outstanding, but considering his reputation and experience, he is indeed very sought after foreign aid in the super market. I want to introduce Youxilei contact for China happy things, Luneng high-level sports news when lightning accepted a clear response, "do not know this thing, never heard of Youxilei to move to the club." In June 2015, Usire officially joined Luneng, had the strongest sub title outside the 1.5 season Luneng history, Usire is the absolute main force, Usire first joined himself said, before every club play to fulfill the contract, he and Lu Nengqian for 4 years, so the first idea is to take this job for 4 years do a good job. In the game, defender and midfielder Usire can play two positions, and Asian identity so that he has a natural advantage, but the Taishan team this season league poor performance, Usire’s performance was also questioned, especially the ability to intercept, too sticky ball and slow speed. In the league this season, his 30 appearances for the club, scoring 1 goals in 9 appearances, scoring 2 goals in the League AFC Champions League.相关的主题文章:

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