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Baocheng Futures: coke supply and demand pressures fade weak shocks clients view the latest market Abstract: the recent real estate policies overweight again, inevitably affect the expected future real estate sales and investment, which has a detrimental impact on the steel industry chain. The current steel mills on the cash flow situation is acceptable, less pressure to fight the price of coke. At the same time being short of coking plant coke inventory is low, the bargaining power of a strong support, but with steel demand weakened and alleviate the contradiction between supply and demand, coke prices continue to rise in the pressure will increase, while port stocks rebounded significantly and the difference widened for the supply and demand of coke in the season Budie foreshadowed. According to the supply and demand of coke and operation on the basis of coke 1701 contract in 1050 to 1250 interval short rallies, target 1000 yuan to see tons of stop line, may be concerned about 1300 yuan a ton. Although the August macroeconomic steady and seasonal peak demand season, but the real estate regulation overweight and monetary easing is expected to fall, the price of coke began to weaken. At present, the coke basis continued wide, but with the mills operating pressure to coke coke market fundamentals are not optimistic, the late coke futures price will also shock down. First, the macroeconomic situation, the 1 downtown pressure on the economy is still in the off-season period, end demand is not short off-season, which is consistent with the economic data released recently, we see, the industrial added value of investment and consumption growth rebounded. For the industrial product price influence investment, by the end of August, total fixed asset investment grew 8.1%, fixed asset investment growth of 0.58%, rose 0.08 percentage points last month, and the real estate investment grew by 5.4% last month rose 0.1 percentage points. August investment in infrastructure to maintain rapid growth, the same month last year growth of 19.7%, the growth rate rebounded from the previous month by 0.1 percentage points. Affected by the continued growth of industrial enterprise profit growth, the month of August, manufacturing investment growth continued to rise, the same month growth of 2.1%, compared with July rebounded by 0.5 percentage points. Prior to the release of the August national manufacturing PMI rebounded to 50.4, a record high since the beginning of 14 years in November, the manufacturing sector short-term improvement in the economy. Among them, demand, production, prices are picked up. However, as the economy has stabilized, the policy to support the role of the economy or will weaken. Subject to price, deleveraging and the Fed is expected to raise interest rates, monetary policy will remain neutral in the short term. The growth rate of investment in place fell year on year growth rate, financial capital, bank loans and self financing funds and other major sources of funding growth fell year on year, the overall downward pressure on investment is still large. Figure 1 the domestic real estate, infrastructure and manufacturing investment chart (source: Wind information Baocheng Futures Institute) figure 2  fixed asset investment funds rose chart (source: Wind information Baocheng Futures Institute) 2, the real estate regulation again tightening of the real estate cycle is long and the fluctuation, the economic impact is also.相关的主题文章:

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