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The third batch of PPP ground demonstration project intends to invest more than trillion yuan sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to guide your entries you make you take will always let you falls in the third batch of PPP demonstration project landing intends to invest more than trillion yuan PPP+ public services revealed helicopter – newspaper reporter Qiao Chuanchuan following the October 12th Ministry of Finance issued "notice on further promoting the work of the government and social capital cooperation in the field of public service" (hereinafter referred to as the "notice"), yesterday, the Ministry of Finance website has disclosed third batches of PPP (government and social capital cooperation) demonstration projects, plans a total investment amount of 11708 yuan. In this regard, analysts said, it can be said that the importance of the state of the PPP model unprecedented. Notice for the first time put forward the mandatory application of the PPP situation, to further highlight the determination and efforts to promote PPP, expand the potential application of PPP space, the future will significantly thickening of the performance of listed companies. Further, the "notice" is put forward in the field of public services, waste disposal, sewage treatment and other projects, there are cash flow, a higher degree of market, PPP model is widely used, the operation is relatively mature, the application of PPP model to "force" around the new project, the central government will gradually reduce and cancel the special construction grant funds, to some extent, PPP+ public service is becoming an important force point of our country to promote the development of PPP model. Sealand Securities said, municipal engineering and rail transportation occupies all PPP projects with a total investment scale of half of the country. The impact of the news, yesterday, Chongqing water, Shuangliang saving and other PPP+ public services related to stock trading; in addition, the environment, science and technology, the gold ring Tianxiang environment, Oriental Garden and BOSCH, and other stocks yesterday also rose more than 3%, respectively: 8.16%, 6.71%, 5.34%, 3.91% and 3.89%. From the day after the 4 trading day market performance, Chongqing water, Shuangliang energy saving, Oriental Garden, BOSCH, and other stocks during the cumulative increase in more than 10%, respectively: 13.43%, 12.27%, 10.69%, 10.15%. In the country to vigorously promote the development of PPP+ public services under the background of funds also increased the leading stock layout, statistics show that the east garden, Chongqing water, Xing Rong environment, Chenming Paper and other stocks turning after the National Day cumulative net inflow of large single capital were 70 million yuan, 227 million 566 thousand and 900 yuan, 116 million 358 thousand respectively. Yuan, 112 million 944 thousand and 100 yuan, 75 million 584 thousand and 100 yuan and 73 million 600 thousand and 700 yuan, the 7 stocks accumulated suction gold 606 million yuan. In addition to funds into foreign institutions, are generally optimistic about PPP+ related opportunities in the field of public services, the "Securities Daily" reporter according flush statistics show that BOSCH, originwater science, Dongjiang environmental, energy technology, and Enlightenment of Sander ring in environment, public technology and Heartland environment dragon head shares, institutional buying rating number nearly 30 days are at 3 and above, respectively: 7, 7, 5, on相关的主题文章:

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