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58 city full implementation of the "996" working system was forced to resign 58 city employees according to voice of the economy, the "world" reported that someone broke the news on the Internet today, 58 city is the so-called "996 full working", it is time to go to work every day from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., a week on the 6 day. It was found that in the 58 city CEO Yao Jinbo’s comments have a lot of suspected staff of 58, they wrote a lot of angry messages, asking Yao Jinbo to explain the number of 996. This morning at about 10, the "world" interviewed a 58 city employees, he said, yesterday morning he heard the sound of the wind, a lot of 58 city in Tianjin, the company has begun the implementation of the "996" working system, and 11 this morning, the Beijing company employees would hold a meeting, is estimated announced this thing. At 11:15 in the morning, the reporter linked to the staff, he said, the department leader has formal notice, from September onwards, all employees in accordance with the "996" working system to work overtime, and the company will not give any compensation. The 58 city employees said: "yesterday, the staff asked some questions, including if employees home from far away, or pregnant can not leave, the company said that if there are difficulties can be specified, and then leave. There is no annual leave leave, please leave. Some employees said that the late work, there is no overtime meal, or go back at night to have a taxi subsidy, the company has made it clear that there is no." It is understood that the 58 city will also have before the implementation of the "996" working system of individual departments, such as the sales department, but as it requires more than 20 thousand employees to the "996" is the first time. 58 city employees believe that the company may do so because the performance under pressure on: "from the company Q2 earnings, or a certain growth, but no increase in the level of last year, leading shares fell, so now began to increase working time, hope to get more revenue." However, more people believe that this is actually 58 disguised layoffs move, hoping to force some employees to resign. Internet commentators said the Lanna evening, is a chicken Thief: "there may be layoffs after 58 and go to the market with the idea. There is a saying that: 996 is to allow people to stand up, so the initiative to resign, so that the company will not have to compensate employees 3+N. If layoffs, in accordance with the provisions of the labor law for compensation, the cost is still high, but the employees do not need to take the initiative to resign his compensation. We can imagine, in a company which, very motivated people generally do not resign at this time, but those usually more slack people may not receive the resignation, chicken thieves enterprises will be able to reach our goal: no extra cost to cut the number of employees, re integration of the company’s fighting capacity." And there is a 58 city employees said, according to his understanding, the company CEO Yao Jinbo in an internal WeChat group really expressed the idea that some people want to leave. 58 city was founded in 2005, is located in the local free classified information service website. October 31, 2013, the company listed on nasdaq..相关的主题文章:

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