2016 China (Chengdu) mobile e-commerce annual meeting online and offline from competition to integra-naughty怎么读

2016 China (Chengdu) mobile e-commerce will be online and offline: from competition to integration of Beijing, Beijing, August 25, in recent years, with the rise of e-commerce brings new opportunities for innovation, more and more traditional industries to accelerate the integration of the development of mobile e-commerce process, but brings opportunities at the same time, the development of electronic commerce also brought the pressure of industrial upgrading. 22 to 23, sponsored by the Sichuan Provincial Department of Commerce, the Chengdu Municipal People’s government, the Chengdu Municipal Commission of Commerce and the state power grid hosted 2016 China (Chengdu) mobile e-commerce and mobile providers hit off the show, held in Chengdu exhibition center century city. From vip.com, a technology, rainbow micro products, fly, loan financial Criteo and other well-known e-commerce executives, PISEN shares, 1919 supplying liquor, everyone courier, courier easy, ha farm and other local e-commerce enterprises in Chengdu responsible person and traditional business representatives, well-known e-commerce experts and scholars more than 1500 people gathered in the Chengdu, to discuss the future development trend of mobile e-commerce. In the prospect of new mobile Internet economy "conference to release authority" and "innovation", "Deconstruction" entrance ", the transformation of consumption", "experience economy" topics such as the starting point for mobile e-commerce "12th Five-Year" development situation and future development trend, "Internet plus" cross-border integration innovation and development strategy conducted in-depth analysis and Discussion on "mobile e-commerce; the birth of a new economy, rebuilding new order, to promote policy innovation, management innovation and encourage e-commerce development of new formats, new mode of service innovation based on the construction of open innovation, standard full exchange of integrity, safe and efficient e-commerce the new ecological environment etc.. At present, China’s e-commerce continues to maintain a high speed of development, the real business has fully realized the importance of mobile e-commerce, online and offline will also accelerate the integration from competition. In the future of e-commerce business forms is a combination of all online and offline channels, the integration of online and offline services, open up the resources of the supply side and the demand side, with the optimal allocation of resources, "PISEN chairman Zhao Guocheng said in talking about the development of mobile e-commerce is. In the mobile business guests show project roadshow site, PISEN chairman Zhao Guocheng, founder Shanglve, gathered beauty Lele CEO, high electricity supplier strategy analyst and independent business angel investor Li Chengdong hit off the mentor, capital, innovation works, Cartesian point capital, fortune venture capital and other domestic and foreign guests for the project and the Consortium. The entrepreneurial team of professional review analysis, from the 6 national roadshow project preferred in the hitchhiker’s Guide to the house, the Milky Way Topia, custom car, and in 4 the project reached investment intentions, a total investment of 110 million yuan intention. It is reported that China (Chengdu) annual meeting of the mobile e-commerce is the first national, industrial theme of the annual meeting in Chengdu, along with the 12th Five-Year has been successfully held five sessions. Over the past 5 years, in the attention and support of all parties, the annual meeting has developed into an industry benchmark, to become the government, experts, business dialogue and exchange platform for entrepreneurs and open cooperation.相关的主题文章:

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