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Rooney: two years after the 2018 World Cup will quit the national team into the song Rooney barb action chic Ibrahimovic God hook comparable signs Daoguajingou Rooney scored 20 inventory will be announced in the 2 years after the withdrawal from the England team sports Tencent August 30th news this Monday, England coach Allardyce just confirmed that Rooney will continue to serve as the three lions captain battle jiqiangkaida the 2018 World Cup qualifiers, in the pre match press conference, the Manchester United striker has announced that he will quit the national team in the 2018 World Cup finals after. Rooney has played 115 times for the England team, has scored 53 goals, is the top scorer in the history of the three lions. However, in view of the fact that Rooney has over 30 years of age, and declined in the past few seasons, many people have questioned the United star has been in decline, just a few days ago, England legend Alan – Hiller also suggested that Rooney quit the national team, for Manchester United, want to see is Rooney really response predecessors "call". In Sunday’s World Cup qualifier against Slovakia’s pre match press conference, Rooney announced that he will be in 2 years after the withdrawal from the England team: "Russia (World Cup) will be my last chance, so I will work hard and enjoy it for two years, I hope I can finish my England career to a climax, I has been determined, it will be my last tournament." "Before the European Cup, I said I enjoy play for England, I’m still now, at the end of the European Cup, I said I wanted to continue to play, when Sam (Allardyce) to get the job (coached three lions), I told him this point. He reiterated that I would continue to be captain. It is a good thing to be captain of my national team and I am looking forward to a new era." However, at a press conference, Allardyce hinted that he would like the previous Hodgson did not let Rooney fixed striker for the three lions in the next two years: "we should let Rooney play an attacking midfielder or striker? Wayne is often variable in the United team, I would also like to see what position for him." In response, Rooney responded: "where is the coach’s decision, we have not talked about this issue, but I am sure we will talk in the next few days, I am ready to play in midfield or other positions. It’s still early qualifying, we only have one day, we’ll know what Sam wants, but I’m really looking forward to seeing his training." (Fei Yi)相关的主题文章:

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