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Exposure Liverpool eukaryotic ankle injury serious competition in 2016 full reimbursement of the ankle injury Coutinho sina sports news Beijing standard time on November 29th, according to British media "echo" reported that Coutinho’s examination results have been released. Coutinho’s test results show that the Brazil star ankle ligament injury, will be at least a lack of war 5-6 weeks, which also means that Coutinho’s remaining games in 2016 will not be able to participate. Coutinho was injured in the home court beat Sunderland in the game, he was back with Sunderland against ankle sprain eundong deformation, after he was replaced and carried out. Although the condition of Coutinho said after the game, no big deal, but Coutinho’s injury was beyond the expectations of the tertiary slag. According to the echo. Coutinho’s examination has been completed, Coutinho will be at least 5-6 weeks because of ankle ligament injury. This is a heavy blow to Liverpool. Coutinho injured and MANET will leave campaign for the country at the African Nations Cup, Sturidge because of a thigh injury truce, Klopp Paibingbuzhen stretched obviously. (Yue Qi)相关的主题文章:

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