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Family education: the mother of the boy sex education in three stages each boy growing up in addition to "father scolded" are also accompanied by "mother cry", of course, in which education is not only the mother crying as the stars appear in front of the children. For boys, the mother’s gracious teaching undoubtedly makes the most critical process of sex education. Therefore, the mother of the boy’s sex education can not be ignored. Establish the correct "gender view" children around the age of 3, will be clear that you are male or female, but also curious to ask, why girls wear skirts with long hair, play house, while boys wear pants, short hair, playing horse war games, this is the beginning of sex psychological development the children. At this stage, the mother should pay attention to the two principles, one is to let the boys know how to protect their own body, followed by the boys have a positive image of the various parts of the body. In fact, as the only child of the boy, from parents love, love outdoor sports, watching cartoons, playing computer at home, the habit of leaping, non logical thinking, do not understand the feelings of the people around, things tend to become selfish and indifference. Some of the boys to the age of marriage, your mind is still like a child, there is no "shoulder" consciousness, bear the burden. Therefore, the mother of the boy’s gender awareness, the sooner the better. Nature to teach "sexual knowledge" for the child’s sexual problems, the mother should try to use simple language to tell him, these are natural things, so that children have a correct understanding of the body of science. Mother will be generous to refer to the "breast" and "penis" and other words, as to tell him that this is an apple, it is as natural as bananas. Of course, people must also tell the children, some part of the body is privacy, privacy is not exposed, otherwise it will be very embarrassed. Mother should first correct their own ideas, so as to give the boy the right guidance. In fact, the boy asked about sex, and what to eat tonight, is very simple. Mom just need a very intuitive answer, too many too deep answer, but will let the boy thought confusion. To strengthen the education of sexual morality is related to the healthy growth of boys and girls, as well as the stability of family and society. Sex education includes sexual physiology, psychology, morality, ethics and so on. Sexual morality is the sum of social norms regulating human sexual behavior. It can maintain the stability of social order and ensure the normal social life. Can usually be summarized as: the content of moral ethics; the correct view of love, chastity and fertility concept. It is the core of love and respect. Mom to send a positive message to the boy through nonverbal behavior, such as mutual respect and loyalty between husband and wife, share the housework, zunlaoaiyou, helpful, polite, serious and responsible work, honest and trustworthy person, such as the principle of doing things, this is the best education for children. Parents please answer the question of child care when the child asked, "how did I come?" This problem, parents should take the scientific state;相关的主题文章:

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