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Reproduction of wild Siberian tiger reserve in Heilongjiang was confirmed as settled in the original title: wild tiger tiger reproduction Heilongjiang xiaobeihu reserve was recognized as "live tiger" for infrared cameras to the wild tiger. Heilongjiang Provincial Forestry Department to provide photo Beijing, September 22 Harbin Xinhua (reporter Wei Lai) Heilongjiang Provincial Forestry Department issued 22 news, finishing infrared camera area staff Heilongjiang Ning’an xiaobeihu National Nature Reserve, found the captured photos and videos of wild Siberian tiger. By contrast, the Siberian tiger was the same as the one that was monitored in the reserve in November 26, 2015. The Siberian tiger, also known as the Siberia tiger, is mainly distributed in Northeast Asia, including Siberia, Russia, North Korea and northeast china. The number of wild tigers in the world is currently less than 500, mainly in China’s Heilongjiang and Jilin provinces in the mountains. To the Xinhua reporter said the staff of the Heilongjiang District Ning xiaobeihu National Nature Reserve, 20 in the No. 10 camera data that captured photos and videos of wild Siberian tiger, shooting the image date of June 15, 2016 17 points to 03 points, a total of 6 photographs, 2 video segments 20 seconds. Jiang Guangshun, a professor at the research center of cat, the State Forestry Administration of china. At the same time, compared with experts, the Siberian tiger and in November 26, 2015 to monitor the same Siberian tiger. This fully shows that the Tigers had settled in the Inland China zhangguangcailing, Heilongjiang xiaobeihu reserve is an important part of its home range, suitable for tigers. According to previous reports, in November 26, 2015 the Northeast Tiger found in the region for the adult male, weighing about 200 kg. Due to the small lake reserve is located inland, Chinese in Land Rover so the tiger can be called the true meaning of the. Relevant person in charge told reporters the Forestry Department of Heilongjiang Province, since November 26, 2015 to monitor wild Siberian tiger footprints, experts identified by the research center of the State Forestry Bureau of animal cat Chinese, xiaobeihu protection area for wild tiger habitat settlement. At present, the reserve has increased investment in scientific research and monitoring, monitoring equipment located in the key areas of wildlife activities, the protection of the Amur tiger and its prey resources in a comprehensive monitoring. (end) editor: Sun Ailin SN146相关的主题文章:

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